Sunday, June 15, 2008

Houseguest and 5K

From Georgia: "This is my new friend Polly...not to be replaced by Wagner, Alcott, Diesel, Buster, Pixie, Nugget, Ace, Rio, or any of my friends...just a new one that I like equally as much. Her name is Polly and her mom is visiting her dad and family for part of the summer; so we have a houseguest! We get along great, play a lot, sleep a lot, run at the park, and take naps together (much like this photo). I like having her here except when Dad gives her my spot on the bed :)" Andy and Georgia starting out the very hilly 5k race at Collassal Cave Mountain State Park. I wanted to compete; but Tyler and I had our own lil' run (on flat ground).
Just about to cross the finish line...looking a lil more tired from the starting photo.
Great job on the run Andy! Georgia won first place in the K9 division (not really, there were no other dogs...but if so we'd like to think she would have smoked 'em; she' s our pace setter :)