Monday, October 27, 2008

Andy's Final Flight

Andy had his final ride as an A-10 student last week. Most of the class still had a couple of flights left after graduation so they couldn't quite relax until now. I was given clearance to walk out on the flight line and watch him do ground operations and take-off. It was cool to see the plane "fully armored" with a sidewinder, maverick, and other bombs that he was about to drop at the range just moments later. This was an awesome experience to get a glimpse of what he does all day...I just wish I could be in the plane with him (but there's only one seat :) Great job in the program Andy!! You make me so proud :)

The "Top Gun thumbs up!"
Getting ready to taxi onto the runway
Here is a video of Andy taking off

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tyler Weeks 2 and 3

Tyler turned 3 weeks old on Monday and is doing great! He is starting to gain some healthy weight and is becoming more and more alert. He makes the funniest faces and is starting to smile and coo. We are having such a blast with him!

With my mom and dad

Finally got the sling figured out :)

Sleep deprivation photos :)

Wonder what these two are talking about!?
Tyler's first hike at Mt. Lemmon's summit

With my friend Carol (aka: "The Sewing Lady":)
Family a lil' heated...Tyler was in on the game

Unfortunately he got the chicken leg genes from both of us. Sorry bud!
Campfire in our backyard with Andy's parents
Had to put this photo in here...Andy looks so tough with his mistletoe turtleneck and apple soda
Ty loves his baths...he could stay in here all day as long as he's warm

"I'm a pumpkin!!!"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A-10 Graduation

So last Friday Andy graduated from A-10 training. Thursday we went to an incredible event called the "Range Tour". We traveled on a bus 3 hours outside of Tucson to an active range in the middle of the desert. This is where all the pilots go to practice dropping missles and firing the gun. Tyler was quite the traveler and did tremendous for just being a week and half! Be sure to watch the video of the A-10 firing the gatling gun at the end! Family the stylish earplugs, Tara :)
Sister Pam, Myliah, and nephew Jack

Andy receiving his certificate of completion from his squadron Commander
Class 08 CBD
Group shot!
Tyler's so proud of daddy :)

Dad in the simulator

"Cutting the cake" after the ceremony
We had a class halloween graduation party the next night. These are the spouses from the class...including Marge Simpson in front :)
These are the crazy cats we will be going to Germany with. Someone help us please!!!
Yes, our Christmas outfits have yet again made their appearance!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tyler's First Week

It's so hard to believe that Tyler is already 1 week old today! What a blessing this lil' man has been to us in just 7 days. He truely is a miracle and anyone who can hold a precious child like this has no reason not to believe in a mighty God!! The first night was rough trying to catch up from lack of sleep at the hospital while acquainting ourselves with a new baby. Thankfully after a couple of days we got into a routine and Ty is nursing great, sleeping lots, and starting to really open his eyes and explore many new things already. We are blessed with such a chill baby (thus far :), and are having such a blast with him. Georgia is slightly jealous but we are doing our best to make sure she is not forgotten :) Enjoy this pictures and video at the end!