Monday, August 2, 2010

Blog Break...

Sorry to put a damper on your day, but I am writing this to let you know that I have to take a break from blogging. We don't have high speed internet here and some days there is just no connectivity which makes it a pretty long process for uploading photos (sometimes 1 picture takes 20-30 minutes to download!...Yikes!) After struggling with the last several posts which tended to be an all day process, I realized its just not worth it. Sooo, until further notice, I will be uploading pictures onto my facebook page (which is MUCH quicker!) I just put pictures up of our recent trips and have several more to add. If you don't have a facebook account, I'm truely sorry....but will continue blogging if and when it becomes a quicker process.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

20 & 21 Months

Just a couple fun photos of our lil' man growing up. Right now he's 21 1/2 months old, but I havent posted his 20 month pics yet so here they are together...I cant believe how big he is getting! He says so many words and is really starting to listen when I say "no touch" or "come to mommy" for example...wich is a breath of fresh air! Now that we've gotten into a daily routine and he has some consistency, he's progressing much quicker and seems to be a generally happy boy :) What a little blessing he is to us!

I love this angelic little face :)
"Tyler say CHEESE!"
Had to throw in this picture of our sweet Georgia...Tyler is really starting to play with her more. The two of them are becoming best friends :)
Having his friend, Alayna, over to play
Snack time on the "Snack Step" as we call it. It was a hot day and he just got done swimming at our neighbors kiddie pool...(hence; no clothes)
Relaxing with Alayna during our base 5K...a reclining seat, your best friend, a snack and juice...I wish my experience was just as easy!
Tyler and I go to Burger King on our way home from church on Sundays...this is a picture of his first chocolate milkshake. I made the mistake of giving it to him first before having any...the kid has a 'bear-like' grip when it comes to these things, I'm lucky I get a teaspoonful before its all gone!
He LOVES brushing his teeth...his favorite part is rinsing the brush...he says, "Ris" about 10 times before he's ready to put the brush away...I think the toothbrush gets cleaner than his teeth!
My neighbors backyard kiddie pool...tyler has a habit of running into their backyard when we are talking in the front...on 3 separate ocassions this becomes the result! The boy is quick!
Talking with with someone special on the phone..."I love you Daddy!"

Monday, July 12, 2010

England Part 2

Most of the pictures in this post are of the day that we spent in London; so there are a ton, but here are a couple randoms first. (some of them are dark because we only had my Iphone in London to take photos; but you'll get the jist) Not the best day/time to take a group kid picture...except for Will; there was a MAJOR protest!
A visit from Danell! Her and her hubby Michael are stationed here as well. We were neighbors in our duplex back in TX when Michael was one of Andy's students in pilot training. Such a sweetheart :)

Georgia's best friend (aka: boyfriend) Wagner; another precious Golden. They grew up together and played nearly every wish we could have had a doggy reunion too! She still gets excited when I say Wagner's name.

On the subway headed for a long but fun day in London!

First stop: Picadilly Circus!

This is the theater where I saw my first Broadway: Les Miserables 9 years ago

The first international Chipotle...Janell was more than thrilled to go here so we took our food to go and had a picnic in Kensington Gardens

Your never too old to stick out your tongue in pictures :)
Tyler LOVING the Swans

Buckingham Palace
No time to wait for the Changing of the guards so I thought I would take my picture with these guys. It was my turn for the photo op and when I got up close; they started talking as if I was invisible or something. I just stood there waiting patiently for several minutes until they noticed the 5'5 being standing 2 feet in front of them...maybe they didnt see me...maybe I have a new superpower I'm unaware of...hmmm
Yeahhh! No longer invisible!

Photos in Trafalgar Square

We were on our way to Big Bend when the road was blocked by police. The guy said there was a protest against the Israeli government regarding the ship invasion the night before that killed 8 Palestinians. He said we couldnt go through unless we wanted to be a part of the protest. Janell not as interested as I was, kindly amused me as I quickly said, "let's go"!!

Police and news reporters everywhere

trying to get a peek of the speakers leading the protest
We reached Big Bend and soon after the protesters started to march down the same street

Janell did such a good job of navigating the underground throughout the day; so here was our last stop at Covent Garden. A cute area for shops, cafes, markets, outdoor music, etc. After the kids had been in the stroller all day; we decided to let them run around...good idea or bad!?!
In action shot! No cafe for us, just a little toddler chasing :)
This was so funny! The boys couldnt figure out why the guys voice was coming out of the speaker. They just kept looking at him and them looking at the speaker dumbfounded

Last shot in London...and it had to be in a Telephone booth of course! We had such a great time! Thanks Julie & Janell for the company and hospitality! Look forward to another 'meet up' sometime soon before your back stateside! Cheers!