Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Farm!

Believe it or not, Tyler and I are no longer in Mississippi...yep, we are back in the good ol' land of Kimchi and squid! We flew back to Korea on Thursday afternoon arriving Friday evening. Andy flew in from Alaska an hour after we did so we reunited in the airport, took the bus back to Songtan and a taxi back to our apartment! We are re-adjusting to the time quite well and getting all things back in order (cleaning as we speak...or type). Anywho, here are some reamaining pics of MS. Eve, Ty, and I headed for the pumpkin patch on the first cool was a perfect 58 degrees for the pumpkin farm. I think we had as much fun as Tyler did :)As you can see this is definately not at the pumpkin farm :) Eve had a good idea to throw in the comparison from when Tyler was just 3 weeks old (almost exactly the same time last year) with his pumpkin and how time flys by!!
The corn box! What a novel idea :)
Eve and I had fun burying him...he didnt care for it, though :)

Tyler already driving an ATV! He is definately a son of mine!!

The had a big trailer with cotton! I LOVED this...Ty did not :)
He was cruisin' along the side and fell over upside down...after laying like this for a few moments he realized that "the touch, the feel of not the fabric of my life..." (Singing the song? Me too :)

I waited for all the kids to leave so I could jump around myself
Eve lovin' the cotton :)
What's a pumpkin farm without a hayride? Just a farm...but not this one :)
Funny face turned into actresses in the next Exorcist. Never saw the movie and especially don't want to after looking at me in this photo...scary.
Ty has no problem rounding up 4 ladies at once...we will have to watch him like a hawk!

I have never seen these...or even heard of them; have you?

The Turk's sure do make a pretty lookin' squash!
Not bad Eve, next time go for the black braids and Leather pants and you could be a stand in :)
Last photo before headin' to the van to warm up and head home for the evening.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mississippi Memories

Here are some random happenings of our time in Mississipi...Can you guess where this first picture is from???? You betcha'! WAFFLE HOUSE!!! Tyler's in bed, snuggling with the pups, homemade daquiri's and and "The Office" times :)

The whole crew :)

No, I did not stage this!!
Georgia giving Tyler sweet kisses when he woke up :)
We found this puppy on the road so we took him home and cleaned him up. After posting signs, calling vets, and shelters; no one claimed him so a vet took him and placed him in a foster home to get adopted. We called him "Pete"...looks like a Pete, doesn't he!?! He was such a sweetheart.
I tried to convince Georgia to be "Alpha" dog for once in her life, but she wouldn't make him stop. She just doesn't have it in her; sweet thing :)
When we got Pete to the vet, she noticed a spot that was most likely ringworm. After having him in the house for 2 days we felt pretty grossed out!! So we spent the entire night disinfecting!! When we were all done and tired, we treated ourselves to a bubble bath, drink, and of course another "Office" episode :)
I wish I started my collection of Mississippi cars sooner, but you'll get the idea with these two. If you have wheels like these in the south; you are rollin' in style!
Andy got me the Honda Odyssey, but what I really wanted was my very own Pepto Bismal car....bummer.
Tyler slept in the bathroom just off of the guest room. At night his pack n' play is close to the door on the left and definately not within reach of the toilet paper. But magically in the morning I would find him like this. I think he got the idea to push against the door to move the pack n' play closer towards the TP! I have to keep a close eye on this one :)
My mom found an old Xylaphone from a garage sale. One of Ty's favorite toys is the stick that came with it; he loved to pound it on everything but the xylaphone of course! His favorite: Georgia's dog food bowl :)
Then Georgia got the idea that if she took it away, he would stop doing it. So each time he went to play with her bowl she would gently steal it out of his hands and go lay down in another cookie!
This was the dogs favorite spot during Tyler's feedings.

Reading some of Mimi's books :)
Parking his walker in the "garage"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How low can he go!?!

Lately, Tyler has been interested in crawling under things...the other night I caught him in action as he charged from one object to the next with daring excitement! I was amazed at just how determined he was to squeeze in the most confined spaces and worked hard to find a way to get out. He cried a couple times, but I didn't help; I knew he could figure it out and he always did and that just motivated him for the next challenge :) It may be cute now; but I know his daring personality may unfortunately lead to some hospital visits and broken bones...Pam you can understand, right!?! haha :) I'll have to keep a close eye on this guy!