Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

11 Months!

Ty is 11 months today! Time is flying by!! Hard to believe that next month's photo he will be ONE! Holy cow! He has been doing so many "big boy things" such as eating all finger foods, walking with a walker, and moving, moving, moving!!! Each month I try to get a nice, smiley, sweet photo; which I have pulled off until now. I attempted to get a straight on smile of him and managed to get one photo of him smiling below. As I kept snapping, I realized that was all I was going to get. I figured, "Who am I fooling!?!" Our son does not sit patiently, smiling like a photographer's MOVES! ALWAYS!! Yes there is a picture of him sitting, but I staged it...don't be fooled! All 5 photos were taken in less than 30 seconds...that's all he gave me :) Our little baby is now a little boy and we could not love him more :) Be sure to watch the two videos at the is a quick video of Ty "pounding"....his new favorite thing and this video doesn't even do it justice! The other is a really cute video of him teasing Georgia in order to get some kisses (I do put clothes on him...he just managed to escape as I was changing him into his pajamas...surprise, surprise :)
"Hmmm another piece of paper for me to rip"

"Peace out Mom, I'm done with this!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Christmas Card Photo Unleashed!

As many of you know, we do a crazy Christmas card photo each year. Last year's card was our favorite! We were in the process of moving to Korea/California and did not get all of them sent out. So, due to popular demand, I am posting a couple photos here so you can see them. The top one was the official card we sent out and the other two are just fun. Andy rented the Joseph costume and my sister-in law was in a Christmas play for church so I wore her outfit and found a white sheet for a covering. We bought the wings/halo for Georgia and went to Andy's home church where they were practicing for their play. We went behind stage with the manger, swaddled Tyler up, and voila!! You have a Christmas card! Mind you, this was taken in about 20 minutes because Andy was leaving for Korea the next day! But we had to do it!!! We couldn't let our fans down :) I wonder what Christmas 2009 has in store!?'ll have to wait and see :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daddy, look at me!!

Daddy, this is Tyler. You'll never guess what I can do now! Watch me, you'll be so proud :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First of Indiana

I posting is long overdue; but I have a good explanation...if I'm up for it; I'll explain on a later date :) We've been here in Fort Wayne, Indiana with my parents since the 5th of August. Grandma and Grandpa are having a fun time with Tyler and of course Georgia so most of the pictures are of them and for good reason :) Since Ty is an experienced flyer; I was nervous about taking Georgia. She cried after I picked her up but quickly got over it when she got ample attention in the airport. Too bad they don't give sky miles to dogs and babies cause we would have enough frequent flyer miles to fly all of you out to Korea for the winter!! Who needs Hawaii! It's the new vacation hotspot...haha! For now, we are enjoying being back in the states and trying our best to talk with Andy daily and skype with video so he can see all the new things Tyler is doing. We miss him dearly and can't wait to see him in a few more months!
Just landed at 11pm in Chicago with a 3 hour drive to Fort Wayne. My kids did great :)
Learning to scoot on his new ride! Still needs a lift and 35's with a winch on the front but it will have to do for now :)
Georgia loves the low windows at my parents...she gets to lay down and look outside all at once...perfect!
So cute how both of them are watching the tub get filled. They are already best friends :)
Ty is so daring and definately "all boy"! He loves to play with the water and create a 'pool' outside the tub on the floor when splashing. He will hold his head under the faucet when it is pouring out until he can't hold his breath any longer. Can't wait to see what he tries when he's 16! Yikes!!

Boxes are always the best gift!
Ty's early birthday present from Grandpa and Grandma :)
Georgia loves to have her paw massaged...she falls asleep sitting up like this....spoiled!
Georgia's crate is now Ty's new toy. I wonder what people would have thought if I showed up to the airport with Ty in here reading "Live Animals"...pretty sure CPS would have arrived! Would be so funny though....maybe it could be a new "Punk'd" episode :)
Out getting ice cream at Zesto's

We spent an afternoon at Shipshewana, an Amish community. Never seen more buggies, long beards, bonnets, and suspenders :)
They had a ton of crafts!!! Personally not a fan of trinkets but always fun to peruse through stores that have bunnies in dresses, candles made out of 'soy'....(thought soy was a milk substitute but whatever), and little porcelain figurines that rest on doily's and clutter china cabinets that were originally meant to hold china....hmmm
The Christmas stuff was out and pretty fun...Ty and Georgia thought so too :) (yes, the are pet friendly!) They didn't quite know what to make of the singing carolers...
Grandpa and Ty taking a break in the shade
Way overtired and in a daze while watching Baby Genius
Ty is the new spokesperson for Huggies! (what would you call a baby 'representative' that can't speak? Mumbleperson??? hmmm) Anyway, I love this photo and want to send it in to the company:)

Monday, August 10, 2009

10 Months and last of California

Tyler is officially 10 1/2 months now, so in the last two weeks since these pictures were taken he's grown an extra foot! Just kidding; but he is cutting his first tooth...FINALLY!!! For those of you who have been speaking with me lately; you know how miserable of a process this has been for the little man; but just yesterday I spotted a white speck poking out of his gum...praise God! I'm hoping this will put an end to some of his pain and restless nights (for the both of us...haha!). that is not a tooth!!

A gift from Andy in Alaska :)
...she thought I wasn't looking :)
He loves watching the tub fill up!
Tyler's new fort.
We came back from the family camp week at Mount Hermon to pick up Georgia at the Thompson's. They are friends of Andy's family and LOVE Georgia. They have a pool in the backyard so of course GA went swimming every day. We all ended up swimming and staying for a barbecue. They are wonderful people!
Jeff and Georgia were buddies for the week :)

The sad drive to the San Francisco airport. Thanks for everything!!! We made it safely to Indiana and are having fun with my parents. More pictures to come shortly!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mount Hermon

This last week, Tyler and I went with Andy's family to Mount Hermon; a Christian Family Camp in the Redwood Forest just outside of Santa Cruz, CA. Andy grew up going here every year, so it's sad to experience the week without him; but I don't feel too bad because he is getting his fair share of outdoor fun in Alaska right now! (he promises to blog; so watch for some pictures!). We went biking, ziplining, running, rockclimbing, hiking, slept, ate, relaxed, and listened to some incredible messages from the Dallas Theological Seminary. The weather was perfect, and it was a great week to sit outside and take in God's beauty! Dad and I on a bike ride along the railroad tracks that lead to Santa is a Massive Redwood behind us!

Tyler bouncing with a beautiful overlook from our room.
They have a huge field where people play football, sit on blankets, or do whatever. Since Ty hasn't really experienced grass (ie: there is NONE in Korea!), we went to let him explore and crawl til his heart was content! I am no photographer and I know the lighting is not the best, but here are some cute shots of him.

The high ropes course

...on a little hike with my man...

Mom and I went on a Canopy Tour. We ziplined 7 times 150ft up tree to tree. It was awesome!! Watch the videos of us at the end :)

Mid week there is always a pancake breakfast at the top of the mountain early morning. The pancakes are huge and they have all the was soooo good and we had hot chocolate to top off the crisp morning :)

The conference center. In the far back you can see Howie Hendricks speaking. What a privelage!
At "The Fountain" snack shop getting ice cream before bed.

Walking in the river with the waterfall behind us.

The adult highchairs! The childcare workers were awesome and took such good care of Tyler giving me a nice little break each day!

Dad found a jump park so we had to try it out before leaving

Saying goodbye and sad to leave!