Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We had a fun trip to Busan this past weekend. It was quite the trek to get there but once we did, we had a blast! It was a 4 day weekend because of Memorial Day, so there were about 20 of us who traveled to the beach together. There are a TON of photos so bare with me! Also be sure to check out the videos at the end. We are headed for Beijing, China this weekend and will have plenty of pics when we return. For now, enjoy the photos!
Security closed the gate Saturday morning due to a threat, so we were supposed to meet everyone for the first subway to the train station. They were held up and got there after it left, so we had to wait for the next one. We made it to the train station where we ate and waited for our bullet train (travels 350mph!) for our 2 1/2 hour ride to Busan. Believe it or not, this is our first time trying Korean food with Summer and Grant..they promised it wasn't bad.
I finally got the chopsticks figured out! YEAH!
Some pork, Bu-Dang noodles (what was it summer?), ramen, and of course Kimchi
Kimchi is fermented cabbage. It is everywhere here and entirely GROSS!
Finally, we made it on the train. This picture was just moments before we found out we got on the wrong one!

So we got off on the next stop and took taxis to the other station where we got on a different bullet train. I know, I car seat! Luckily he had the stroller to protect him in case of an accident! (I shouldn't joke...but really, what are ya' supposed to do??)
Waiting in the sea of taxis to get to the next train station.We made it on the right train. It only took us 5 hours to get to this point...and we still had 2 hours to go!
Here was the picture of us before we got on the right train.Tyler with Brooklyn
...and while we waited for it!
Ryan and Mike having fun with our camera :)

We made it to Busan and checked in. The rooms were spendy so we shared with our friends Grant and Summer and so glad we did...we had so much fun with them! Here Tyler and Grant are having "a moment"
Out to eat at Bennigan's the first night with everybody
Koreans can't say their "L's" so L's become "R's" is an example of a six "Rayer" sandwich :)
I went to the bathroom and had an accident. I went to flush the toilet and didn't know what button to push. I pressed all the ones with the funny "diagrams" on them and they were all variations of the bidet that sprays to wash the bottom. I pressed all these buttons in hopes of it being the correct one and ended up hosing down the bathroom stall door....along with a huge puddle on the floor! I snuck out of there quickly :)
Busan beach at night right by our hotel
Ty's first time in the pool
Koreans love their random exercise equipment...they even have them in their public pools...Here is a stair stepper

Andy and Grant playing frisbee on the beach. The weather was a bit chilly on the upper 60's to low 70's. Perfect to walk around but way too chilly to swim. The ocean was freezing!

Our hotel
Back hand catch...nice job hun!
Summer, do you need sunglasses?
Some locals enjoying their lunch and big 40's apparently!
Korea is flooded with cute lil' dogs. They all look like this. He hung out pretty close to these guys waiting for something to eat. Don't worry mom, he didn't look skinny by any means!
This place quickly became the American Fighter pilot hangout with all the A-10 and F-16 pilots from Osan. We ate lunch here and after waiting nearly 45 minutes for our food; we quickly left.
Random clown walking around on stilts.

The aquarium was right next to our hotel and it was awesome. This was the shark feeding presentation. Ty admiring the sharks :)

Does somebody need a nap?

These dolphins kept Ty entertained for a while.
Someone apparently did not want to find nemo!
Japanese and Koreans all love to give the peace sign when taking pictures...we thought we would too!
First time playing in the sand. I tried to get him to look at the camera but he was too fixated

We were looking for a place to eat and found these little bumper cars on the side of the road so of course we had to ride them! If you look closely you can see me closing in on Andy...gotcha!
I have no mercy for little kids...full speed ahead!
TGI Fridays with Summer, Grant, and Doug & Dene Galloway. We had our fair share of American food this weekend!
...not to mention CARIBOU COFFEE!!! I literally spazzed out when I saw can ask Andy. He asked me why I didn't react the same way when he comment.
A walk along the beach at night on the hunt for ice cream.
Good thing I don't smoke...this big cigarrette butt looks pretty intimidating!
The next day, Andy, Ty, and I strolled up the mountain in search of a Buddhist temple. Along the way, we found a little entrance to a world of trampolines! A guy tore apart shipping crates and walled in a bunch of trampolines for local kids to pay to play on. He let me go free; nice guy.
"Where are you from?" "America" "ohhhh," (clap, clap, clap) They were excited!
Time to leave and find the temple...

A look inside the Buddhist temple at a shrine. It was very quiet as everyone was meditating.
The buildings were beautiful!

Walking back down the hill to a local market... with some cool shades, nonetheless!
Ok...we have bugs in the bowl, some weird fish guts, squid and something that looks like french fries but definately are not!
oh, and we cannot forget the octopus tentacles...yum!
Fish markets are everywhere for people to buy their catch of the day and go home to cook it.
Now, fruit and vegetables I can trust...looks tasty :)
Walking on the beach one last time before our journey back to Songtan.

The awesome view from our hotel room!
Beautiful scenery from the bullet train on our ride home...bye, bye Busan!