Saturday, July 17, 2010

20 & 21 Months

Just a couple fun photos of our lil' man growing up. Right now he's 21 1/2 months old, but I havent posted his 20 month pics yet so here they are together...I cant believe how big he is getting! He says so many words and is really starting to listen when I say "no touch" or "come to mommy" for example...wich is a breath of fresh air! Now that we've gotten into a daily routine and he has some consistency, he's progressing much quicker and seems to be a generally happy boy :) What a little blessing he is to us!

I love this angelic little face :)
"Tyler say CHEESE!"
Had to throw in this picture of our sweet Georgia...Tyler is really starting to play with her more. The two of them are becoming best friends :)
Having his friend, Alayna, over to play
Snack time on the "Snack Step" as we call it. It was a hot day and he just got done swimming at our neighbors kiddie pool...(hence; no clothes)
Relaxing with Alayna during our base 5K...a reclining seat, your best friend, a snack and juice...I wish my experience was just as easy!
Tyler and I go to Burger King on our way home from church on Sundays...this is a picture of his first chocolate milkshake. I made the mistake of giving it to him first before having any...the kid has a 'bear-like' grip when it comes to these things, I'm lucky I get a teaspoonful before its all gone!
He LOVES brushing his teeth...his favorite part is rinsing the brush...he says, "Ris" about 10 times before he's ready to put the brush away...I think the toothbrush gets cleaner than his teeth!
My neighbors backyard kiddie pool...tyler has a habit of running into their backyard when we are talking in the front...on 3 separate ocassions this becomes the result! The boy is quick!
Talking with with someone special on the phone..."I love you Daddy!"


Jessica said...

Love the pool shot! I can just see him taking off while you talk...hahaha. Glad you guys are getting some down time and getting into a routine...I am sure you will be off again soon though!! Love ya

erickson family said...

the hat for sure makes him look like a little boy! love it.