Friday, December 12, 2008

One Long Goodbye...

Well, Andy left for Korea on Sunday. I've talked with him briefly throughout this week. He is getting settled and in-processing on the base. We have been having computer issues, so talking has not been ideal; but we are making it work until the laptop is fixed. The last few weeks were a ton of fun but also very hard. It's like we were just delaying the inevitable. Saturday and Sunday was not a good day for this German gal; who shed many a tear...shhh!!! don't tell :) We did several lil' trips, flew to Seattle, went to a drive in movie, and shopped for warm clothes for the cold that awaited him in Korea. Meanwhile, Tyler, Georgia and I have been hanging in Sacramento with Andy's parents and having a good time getting settled for these next couple months. Hopefully Tyler and I will get a chance to visit him mid February. Please pray for us during this major transition and separation and for Andy as he starts a very busy year in a very new environment. For now, here are some pics of the last couple weeks. Taking a tour at the Jelly Belly Factory near Sacramento

I wish I had taken this picture 1 minute earlier. We just competed in the Bean Boozle. It's wear you see who is man enough to taste test the most disgusting flavors. I tried vomit, booger, and skunk spray. Andy opted out of skunk spray so I guess I won. You can actually buy a box called "Bean Boozle" where 2 beans are colored the same but one might be vomit while the other one is pina colada. You don't know which one is the bean boozle so you each take one and see who gets to re-live brussel sprouts at lunch time in 3rd grade :)

Nappa Valley wineryYou got it...The Golden gate bridge in San Francisco

Andy exploring some old Army batteries that were used to protect the coastline agains the Japanese in the 40's.

A horrible picture of Alcatraz...but you get the jist.

We were driving up and down the hills of San Fran and asked, "I wonder where Lombard Street is?" (for those of you that never watched Full House, it is the windiest street in the world...apparently). Speed Limit: 5mph

Tyler not doing a great job of helping cut the Thanksgiving potatoes

Visiting with Andy's old buddy Rob and Sarah Hills after church

Tyler's first plane ride headin for Seattle to visit family. He did great! Slept through the whole thing on the way there and back....I was relieved :)

With Aunt Sigrid and her family and Aunt Renee

Going for a hike on a foggy but beautiful day. Unfortanately, we couldn't see Mt. Rainier because of the fog....we'll just look on the internet and pretend.

Tyler bundled up for his hike :)

With Great-Aunt Sigrid

With his cousins Andrea and Amy

My friend Heather from Texas who just got stationed here at McChord AFB and her little girl Kennedy

We flew out of Portland so we drove down from Seattle to see Andy's sis Katie and hubby Chris. You can also see the nieces in the background...Alex entertaining Tyler in his carseat...and Addie, well....she's the naked one :)

It was Georgia's 3rd birthday on December 5th! We took her to Petco so she could pick out her birthday present.

Getting some good naps in before the big move.

Tyler is laughing all the time now....all you have to say is, "Tyler!" and you get this response :)

Having a gigantic ice cream cookie with Andy's parents and sisters the night before he left.

Just hours before his plane took off for L.A. He headed out at midnight Sunday December 7th for Korea and 13 hours later...he was in a whole new world!!
Last kisses...but not for long...we will see you very soon :)

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Haley said...

We're thinking about you!! I know it totally stinks, but it will go by before you know it!

Polly says "Happy Birthday Georgia!" We went to PetSmart on Polly's birthday - December 6th! They're totally twins:)