Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Korea!

As some of you know, Tyler and I flew to Korea 2 days ago to be with Andy over Christmas. It was kind of a spontaneous decision in order to maximize our time over Andy's holiday leave and to see if Korea is a place Ty and I might want to call home for the rest of the year. The flight was very interesting. It was 13 hours, but surprisingly didn't feel that long. Tyler did not want to sleep so I ended up holding him for the first 9 hours. He did really well; but had a "minor" emergency...So here's the deal...he hadn't pooped in 6 days prior to our trip. I called the pediatrician and they said to wait it out 7-10 days until we need to do something. I had a funny feeling that it was going to happen at the best possible moment; on the flight. Not 1 hour into the flight he was sitting on my lap when I smelled something...I was so proud! But moments later; I felt something too...I looked down to notice that my shirt and pants were soaked from what looked like and was a 'massive explosion'!! I stood up to take him to the rest room to clean him up when the captain turned on the Fasten Seatbelt sign. The flight attendants kept telling me to take my seat and all I could do was hold Tyler up to them and say "emergency!" One look at his clothes and mine and they understood :) He was covered from his chin to his socks!! Gratefully I brought an extra outfit for Tyler but not for myself. Poor people next to me must think that this American didn't know how to pick out perfume!
Here we are with Andy on Christmas Day morning in his dorm...note the miniature tree and Christmas wrapping wallpaper in the background? Who needs garland? (you can also see I am now a blonde jokes no longer apply :)

Spending Christmas day at our friends apartment in the city of Songtan which is where the base is located. These are some of the other pilots from Andy's A-10 class also stationed at Osan AB for the next year.

Daddy reading Tyler's Christmas book

He loved his new frog hat :)

This is the shopping area right outside the gate...we took a quick stroll yesterday and found some amazing deals...can't wait to explore some more! Their currency, the Won, is very weak right now so it helps out us tourists when shopping.

We signed a lease to a brand new apartment yesterday. The appliances along with our stuff will get moved in on Monday (our time, Sunday y'alls time). It is a furnished apartment; but really lacks some essentials, such as a desk. We went to E Mart; thier equivalent to Wal-Mart. We didn't find much for furniture so Andy says, "I know, let's go Korean!"....

Here is his solution...hmmm

Driving back to base last night. Here is a typical street lit up in the evening. Don't ask me what any of this means :)
We will be here until mid February then back to the states for 2-3 months. Georgia is getting plenty TLC at Andy's parents right now...thanks for taking such good care of her! I will take more photos of the area and our apartment soon; right now I have to feed Tyler...he's waking up again in the middle of the night to eat...still getting adjusted to the 16 hour time difference but doing great!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys are you back online? We want to try and come up there soon while T & T are there. Let us know some info :-)

Jolene Renee said...

Tara, I am glad you haven't gotten too cool for a mini tree. LOL. All it needs is a little toilet paper for a skirt like the A2 days. I hope you have a Super New Year! :)