Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, Ty and I made it back to California safely. We got up early on Saturday morning to take the bus to the airport. We got checked in and had some good ol' Dunkin Donuts in the airport with Andy before we had to say goodbye. I woke Tyler up that morning at 6:30 and he didn't sleep all day until 7pm that night! We had a 2 hour flight to Tokyo; then changed planes to finish our 9 hour flight to San Francisco. It was a lil' shorter going back than on the way there; which was helpful. Ty did get 5 hours of sleep on the plane and I just couldn't get comfortable enough to get more than 20 minutes. I was quite delirious when we arrived Saturday! It's not that often we get to "repeat" days, but leaving at 12:15pm Saturday in Korea and arriving at 7:50am Saturday in the states is enough to mess up your internal clock! Thankfully, Tyler slept most of the first night and has been getting 8-9 hours each night since then...he's a champ! Anyway, it is good to be back and to see family and Georgia of course! She cried for 20-30 minutes when she saw me. There are a couple videos of her at the bottom so be sure to go to our blog to watch if you get this by email. Here are some photos of our trek!

Daddy and Ty looking out the bus window on the way to the airport

I've been meaning to get a good picture of all the towers in Korea. These are apartments. You don't see houses (in fact, in the last 2 months, I have not seen one yet!). You just drive along the highway and see complexes like this everywhere. With 47 million people in the country I guess you have to put them somewhere!

Saying goodbye

Baby carrier, baby, diaper bag, and backpack....all set and ready to go!!

This is Tyler in the bassinet on the airplane. Who says babies can't sleep in cardboard boxes!? They have these lil' beds that clip into the wall for overseas flights. I like them because it gives my arms a break...but he doesn't! I was lucky to get a picture of him without crying in it :) After getting him to sleep I would try to lay him down and he would wake was about a 3 hour process of doing this before it finally stuck! whew!! All in all, he did great! He had a fun time flirting with the flight attendants :)

Reuniting with Georgia. She recognized him right away and has been so gentle with him. He's very interested in her and is starting to grab and "pet" her. ("pet" translation: pulling hair :)

Our lil' protector...she went wherever he went.


Summer Jean said...

The video of you and Georgia made me cry! I miss Pawky so much. I hope you're doing well back in the states!

Jolene Renee said...

Oh Georgia. You are too sweet.