Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to the States

Tomorrow, Tyler and I will be heading back to the states for 2 months. We'll be visiting family in Minnesota and taking care of doctor/dental appointments in California. We are excited to see Georgia but sad to leave Andy once again. At least it will go by quick for both of us. Andy just started flying this week and is loving the air time so far...dogfighting over the ocean in a cool attack plane makes me just slightly jealous :) I am in the middle of packing right now and thought I'd take a break to send some photos from our last couple weeks. Please pray for a good flight, that Tyler sleeps, and adjusts quickly to the time change!
Koreans love their eggs! Here is a lady in the shopping district selling some out of coolers.
THE ANNOUNCER MAN!!! We found him! He drives around in this truck selling dried squid and seaweed. He has a recorded microphone that keeps the lovely announcements rolling daily...not annoying at all :) I actually hear him outside right now! Haha!We found our favorite restaurant; Sawatdee- a Thai place. Our appetizers were so yummy: chicken saute' with peanut sauce and vegetable spring rolls. Don't ask why the chicken is yellow...we don't know either; we just ignored it :)
This was just yesterday. Andy took the day off so we could all hang out together. We slept in, took a nap, shopped, ate, and played some heated games of UNO Spin! Here Andy is introducing Ty to the wonderful world of Mountain Dew....scary!
All the kids have to wear school uniforms. I think they look so cute!Stopping at a bakery after church on the way home. This is where we parked....
right next to the giant tank of EEL for sale!!
You can't get a free showing of sealife in American parking ramps :) haha! One rare night this week, Tyler was up for nearly 3 hours in the middle of the night and wanted to play. He usually eats and falls back to sleep. He finally crashed...and didn't wake up for a while!

On our date night to Sawatdee, thanks to our friends Shane and Melanie who watched Tyler. Thank you!!
Not so good with the chopsticks.
Korean Mountain Dew!! Someone was happy :)
At a birthday party for Shane and Melanie's son at the bowling alley on base.
Liking the Johnny Jump Up so far :) He doesn't quite know how to bounce in it yet...he just spins around in circles, but loves it!
Koreans love their Golf! Since they don't have space for an actual 9 or 18 hole course, they have these driving ranges everywhere in the middle of the crowded cities.
All the cars park below the net...what an ingenious use of space!
Lastly, they cannot get enough of their Bowling either! Their is an alley on every corner and they are always packed. Even the teenagers have their special wrist/hand gloves just like the pros!

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