Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thailand! (Part 3)

A goal for Andy and I was to dive in Thailand....we looked into a 3 tank all day boat excursion and hiring a babysitter to come on board while we were underwater....turned out that idea was not as easy as we thought. So we did a shore dive off of Kata beach and had the dive instructors watch him at the office for a few hours. It worked out great; however, the diving wasn't the greatest. There was a storm the night before so it stirred everything up and the water, in turn, was murky. I think we got more pictures above the water than under! Oh well, it was still fun to get geared up and hang out under water again :)These yellow fish were everywhere and just 2 ft in front of us; but its hard to tell...that's how cloudy the water was!
Very cool starfish!
That's me; agreeing the starfish is indeed very cool :)
If you look past all the will see Andy :)
There he is!!

With our British Dive guide

After we were done we came back to the hotel and while Tyler napped and Andy watched Rugby; I did this :)
Another view of the bungalows
I realized I didn't have any other pictures of the rest of the hotel; so here's a quick tour. Again; this is the pool we played in most days because its right outside our room and it was a perfect bath water temperature. I don't know why hotels feel the need to freeze their pools...they should all feel like this one did.
Main lobby
The 2nd poolThis guy makes me laugh :)
There was lush "greeness" everywhere! (I know its not a word...its just the best way to describe it!)
The main pool...only swam here once and ate at the swim up bar; it was pretty sweet!

The area of grass Ty loved to play on with his truck :)

Andy watching our new favorite game; Rugby!
View inside from our front door
Our matching blue toilet and blue tub!

Ty's awake; so it's playtime!

We decided to rent a car to explore the rest of the area so I took a few more shots while waiting. Looking back again from the beach.
Where we got our Thai massages on the nice!
Outside hotel bar

In our car and away we go! Andy had to get used to driving on the right side of the car and left side of the road...not easy; especially in Thailand with crazy drivers and TONS of scooters!

We stopped for dinner at an overlook restaurant
Yummy chicken pad thai :)

Our view from where we ate...not bad, eh!?
Best seat ever!

That middle area next to the little island on the left side is where we went diving
A close up view of Kata beach where we dove (the middle cove)

Would soooo love to train in one of these gyms! The non-Americanized version of martial arts...old equipment, outdoors in the heat, lots of blood, and a hec of a lot cheaper than what they charge in the US!
These next few pics are who we shared the road with... And we say six people in a minivan is tight!? (and yes, there are six; you can't see the one in the front left) Travelling food carts
Dogs :)

We went to a viewpoint for the sunset and got there just in time. It got crowded real fast. This was apparently the place a ton of locals go to for the "best sunset in Thailand"

Fun game of biting while watching the sunset...good thing to teach a toddler; I know :)

On our way back to the car we ran into this shrine.
Don't know what it says but there were a lot of people here paying tribute silently. It was very peaceful. They lit incense and brought an elephant figurine to leave after praying.

Kata Beach is where we dove, Karon beach is where our hotel was on, and Patong beach is apparently the local; crazy beach (not suited for children; if you know what I mean!)
Not every day you get to see an Elephant crossing sign!
This sign was right around the corner from our hotel. The Tsunami went through the whole area we were at but you never could tell and not many people talk about it...kind of a "hush, hush" situation. No memorials or photographs anywhere. We saw a picture of it in a man's store. He was sitting on the roof of his store with water 8ft. high, cars drifting everywhere and a telephone booth bashed into his front door. It was taken from the helicopter about an hour after it happened. He kept saying, "this was me, this was me, right outside!)
They had such amazing fruit!
Pitaya (or more commonly known as "Dragon Fruit") It actually comes from the cactus species!
TUK, TUK anyone? The most common (but also touristic) way to travel in Thailand...some of them are decked out with lights and loud music. More fun than the taxi :)We rented a scooter for $6 to have the whole day! Andy took it around a while and after I had Ty in bed for the night; one of the hotel staff members we became friends with volunteered to sit outside our room in case Ty woke up so we could go for a quick ride was fun! When we go back someday; ty will be older and this will be our mode of family transportation for sure!
That is one HOT helmet!

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