Monday, October 27, 2008

Andy's Final Flight

Andy had his final ride as an A-10 student last week. Most of the class still had a couple of flights left after graduation so they couldn't quite relax until now. I was given clearance to walk out on the flight line and watch him do ground operations and take-off. It was cool to see the plane "fully armored" with a sidewinder, maverick, and other bombs that he was about to drop at the range just moments later. This was an awesome experience to get a glimpse of what he does all day...I just wish I could be in the plane with him (but there's only one seat :) Great job in the program Andy!! You make me so proud :)

The "Top Gun thumbs up!"
Getting ready to taxi onto the runway
Here is a video of Andy taking off

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Tony said...

I am so proud of you, little brother! It was a privilege to get to be at at your graduation and to see your plane in person. Tony and I got chills when we watched the video of you taking off. We are grateful for you and your family serving our country... We love you!