Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A-10 Graduation

So last Friday Andy graduated from A-10 training. Thursday we went to an incredible event called the "Range Tour". We traveled on a bus 3 hours outside of Tucson to an active range in the middle of the desert. This is where all the pilots go to practice dropping missles and firing the gun. Tyler was quite the traveler and did tremendous for just being a week and half! Be sure to watch the video of the A-10 firing the gatling gun at the end! Family photo...love the stylish earplugs, Tara :)
Sister Pam, Myliah, and nephew Jack

Andy receiving his certificate of completion from his squadron Commander
Class 08 CBD
Group shot!
Tyler's so proud of daddy :)

Dad in the simulator

"Cutting the cake" after the ceremony
We had a class halloween graduation party the next night. These are the spouses from the class...including Marge Simpson in front :)
These are the crazy cats we will be going to Germany with. Someone help us please!!!
Yes, our Christmas outfits have yet again made their appearance!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Andy! I hope you gave the little man earplugs too :-) Glad that the fam could make it out for your special day! How much longer are you in AZ?