Monday, October 6, 2008

Tyler's First Week

It's so hard to believe that Tyler is already 1 week old today! What a blessing this lil' man has been to us in just 7 days. He truely is a miracle and anyone who can hold a precious child like this has no reason not to believe in a mighty God!! The first night was rough trying to catch up from lack of sleep at the hospital while acquainting ourselves with a new baby. Thankfully after a couple of days we got into a routine and Ty is nursing great, sleeping lots, and starting to really open his eyes and explore many new things already. We are blessed with such a chill baby (thus far :), and are having such a blast with him. Georgia is slightly jealous but we are doing our best to make sure she is not forgotten :) Enjoy this pictures and video at the end!


carrie said...

he is gorgeous!!! i can't wait to meet him:)

Anonymous said...

cute. cute. cute. cute. cute. cute. cute.

Anonymous said...

cute. cute. cute. cute. cute. cute.

Texas Bucks said...

Congratulations guys!!! Ty is such a handsome little boy! Tara, you look AWESOME! I'm so happy for y'all and can't wait to see more pics as he grows!
Ashley :)

Jstrohmeyer said...

Tyler is such a cutie! It looks like he sleeps a lot! Hope you are both sleeping while he is!
Congrats on graduating, Andy!