Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, I know it's been a while since I've posted...but we've been in transit moving from Tucson, AZ to Sacramento, CA. We moved out of our house ourselves which was a long process with a 4x6 trailer to get our whole house into a storage unit. We made sure to visit a few places in Tucson prior to moving and then we headed on our road trip to LA and up along the coast on Hwy 1 to northern CA. It was quite the adventure staying in 8 different places with a dog and a baby! We finally had a good method but were ready to get out of the car and hotels by the end of the week. We made it to Andy's house last week and have settled in. Tyler was great on the journey and mainly slept while on the road. He is really getting interactive and smiling/giggling a whole lot. We are so blessed with a happy baby :) Andy leaves for Korea in 1 1/2 weeks and we are trying to enjoy every moment together. We've had some adventures since we've been here and I will post about those later. For now...enjoy the plethora of photos and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Our final meal in our house...no couches, no table...the floor works great :)

A very chilly night at the nascar races
Haley and I at the Newsboys concert

We found Georgia waiting in the car as we were packing it....she wants to be sure we won't forget her :)
Tyler's packed up and ready to go!!

Saying goodbye to our wonderful neighbors Jeff and Naomi
Andy built this awesome trailer that Tyler, Georgia, and I will live out of for the next year...notice the racing stripes? :)
At the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson
We made it to the MOON!!!
Visiting the Biosphere outside of Tucson...the worlds only biosphere. Very cool to tour if you are ever in the area.

With Great Aunt Sigrid
Andy and Aunt Bunny sportin' the "prom pose"
Giving Georgia and Polly their proper goodbyes...they will see each other again :)
Re-visiting our Applebee's ritual when living in Del Rio...feels good to be back :)

Whenever Tyler would make noise while in the carseat...this is how Georgia would check on him...what a good babysitter!
Visiting fellow Minnesotan Gordy Kopishke in Phoenix, AZ

Saying goodbye to Pam, Tony, and the kids
Staying with Uncle John and Marianne in Los AngelesFirst view of the coast in Santa Monica, CA
Meeting up at the Santa Monica Pier with Andy's buddy Sean and girlfriend
The beach where 'Baywatch' was filmed

Georgia was also a great lil' traveler
A quick visit with Uncle Hans at Black Angus for Andy's 30th Birthday
Apparently he's 38!!

Walking around San Luis Obispo, CA
an old mission...

Elephant seals hard at work!

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Georgia's first time on the beach in Santa Cruz
With old buddy Jason...
and Chris...

Taking a train tour at the Folsom Zoo in the Sacramento area.....more photos to come. Please be praying for our last week together. Enjoy the turkey!! gobble, gobble

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