Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tyler Weeks 4 and 5

Things have been pretty busy in the last few weeks. We have been packing up our house in preparation for our Korea & California move. We only have 1 week left in our house! Although the "to do lists" have been lengthy we are still making ample time to enjoy our lil' man. He is starting to smile now when we talk to him and gaining more neck and leg strength (I think he will be an early crawler...yikes!!). He is also starting to sleep a bit more at night which mom likes :) Here are a some photos of the past few weeks...
Sitting up straight in his Bumbo chair

Tummy time is hard work!! A nap is in order..
Tyler fell asleep like this with his arms in the air. Ironically this was taken Halloween night..."I am FRANKENSTEIN" !!!

Georgia loves to take her naps with Tyler...she's a great big sister :)
With my friend Eve who came to visit and help with packing the house...thank you!!

Typically just moments after I feed him, he falls asleep smiling for a couple minutes just like this photo. He even giggles in his sleep! We've noticed he also sleeps with his eyes open, so as I am feeding him I will be talking to him because he is "looking at me"....then I notice his eyes roll back into his head and his giggles start...I must be pretty boring :)
If we don't brush down his hair right after his bath...this is what will happen. In this case, Andy helped the cause by spiking his hair...the poor kid has many embarrassing moments in his future with parents like us!! Praying at bedtime :)
This is our "Grandpa" photo. We think he looks like an old man with his wrinkly forhead, dishoveled hair, puffy eyes, and pouty lips. No offense to anyone over 50....haha!!!

He is growing like a weed and getting long and lean.
My friend Lacey from college was in town for work and came over for a couple hours to meet Tyler. It was fun seeing you again, thanks for visiting!

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