Friday, November 7, 2008


I am always so jealous of Andy getting to fly for a living. When it came to his A-10 graduation, I asked him what he wanted for a gift. After months of deliberation, he said he wanted me to go soaring (gliding) as his gift so that I would have an opportunity to experience flight in a different dimension.....and you bet I did!! We drove out to what seemed in the middle of nowhere to be greeted by three retired pilots sitting on a porch talking "fly talk" as us wives call it :) We said we wanted a ride in a glider and with one signature and 20 minutes later I was up in the air!! You get pulled out by an airplane with a rope. The glider has two seats, no engine, no battery, no high tech avionics...just wings to keep it smooth in the air :) The plane tugs you about 3,000 ft and then you "pull the plug" (rope) and you are left gliding in the air in hopes of catching thermals that can take you thousands of feet higher. It was an AWESOME experience and I am so grateful for my hubby gifting this to me :) Now that I know I like it we will have to try the acrobatic gliders next...wohoo!! Be sure to watch the videos at the end of us taking off and landing. Inside the glider getting ready for a tug..

Up in the air being pulled

The A-10 has nothing on this panel! haha :)
Catching some thermals near the mountains. Once we cut the rope, it was incredibly can imagine what it would sound like flying without an engine...birds have such an advantage on us :)
The strip where we took off
I'm flying!!! (and wearing a corny hat without will :)

Andy's turn!
Tyler and Georgia relaxing on the golf cart...maybe Tyler will go up next time :)

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Haley said...

SOOOO Cool!!! Thanks for going was fun!

PS - I tagged you! I know, you're thrilled:) Check out my blog for details...