Friday, January 2, 2009

More of Korea...

We are still getting settled into our apartment off base. Once we get the rest of our appliances, I will post some pictures of it. It's about a 4 minute drive to the front gate and maybe a 10-15 minute walk. It's brand new so it is nice to be the first to live in it. Since they are reconstructing the enlisted dorms on base, many airmen are forced to move off and we are told that there are quite a few that will be living in our complex. We found a great church last Sunday. It is the Songtan Central Baptist Church English Ministry. Everything is in English but there is a good mixture of military/Americans and Koreans. We were invited to a Bible Study that evening and met some really great people from the base. On New Year's we didn't do too much since the lil' guy is just starting to get into a sleep schedule again from the time difference. We went to Outback got it...they have one just 10 minutes away!! We move to Korea only to go to an American restaurant! haha! After we just came home and watched a movie. We've been relaxing a bit and doing some local shopping in are more pictures of the local area. This is the town of Osan just 10 minutes away from Songtan where we live. They REALLY like their lights!!!

New Year's Eve dinner. Our waitress was the best we ever had. Her English wasn't very good so ordering was fun but she did great! Every time she stopped by our table she did the head bow and asked if we had any discount cards to use when paying...Andy asked if we could use our Subway club card and she didn't quite understand...feeling bad she bagged up 4 loaves of bread and butter for us to take home. They even took our picture and printed it for us; what service!Lights decorated around a skating rink
Shopping in Songtan where we live...a typical street in our area.

An open market... and dried fish...yum

The shopping mall outside the gate. Doesn't quite look like American malls now does it!? :)

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