Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Snow!!

This last weekend we were couped up in our tiny apartment due to the 7 inches of snow and icy roads that visited Songtan. We woke up Saturday morning to about 3 inches and then it continued heavily throughout the day. We couldn't get our car up the ramp of our apartment. Our sweet friends offered to babysit Tyler so Andy and I could have a date night but we had to cancel because we would have had to walk to the base in the cold icy we ate what food we had in the cupboards and watched movies Saturday and Sunday. Although it's Monday and we are more than ready to get out; it was a nice relaxing time. Going out for a late night snow walk :)
Surprisingly, Korean snow tastes different from American snow.....(umm..if you fell for that, you're more gullable than I am :)

Sunday morning with a few extra inches
At the bottom of this picture is the ramp you drive on from the parking can see there are no tire tracks :)
Although this picture is bright; you can see Tyler truely did get his chicken legs from the both of us! I think he was getting a lil' bored with his exersaucer and play gym so he hung out with me in his carrier for a while.

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