Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Korean Apartment

This is the main building in our apartment complex. There are 8 of them and we are #3. Each building has about 4 parking spaces underneath. Since this is a new complex and it is filling up with enlisted airmen who can't have cars; we are lucky to have a place to park! This is "moving in day" when we had several people installing the washer, fixing pipes, bringing in the fridge and so on. It is custom to take off your shoes here. So every apartment has this type of entrance space for them. Andy got yelled at by our landlord the first time we met him...he was caught red handed with his shoes on!

Our Korean Washer/Dryer combo unit. I had to look at the pictures in the manaul to figure it out cause this just doesn't make sense for some reason :)
1 wash cycle takes about 1.5 hours and drying is about the same time. It steam drys it so even after that long they still come out damp so most people hang dry them on a clothes line in an area like this....never thought I'd see the day...but I better go by some clothes pins! Last night at about 10pm we had to take the screen off from the window in this room cause when I was doing the wash the kitchen floor started to seep with water. I opened this door and it was flooded by about 3 inches. All I had was my shower towel to soak it up and ring it out of the window. Called the landlord today and someone was supposed to come out today to fix whatever they did wrong when hooking it one I'll crash the laundry room at the dorms on base tomorrow for clean clothes :)
The main bathroom. It is so funny here because every bathroom has tile floors with the drain in the middle of the toilet, sink, and shower. You literally shower right next to the sink and the entire floor gets wet; there are no dividers. It stays wet for several hours so we have to wear flip flops when going to the bathroom. The big bonus is being able to brush your teeth and shower all at once!!
Master bathroom...we don't use it..there is no room. You can see the shower drain at the bottom right next to the toilet. I think they expect you to sit on the toilet when showering in this one. Don't think the toilet paper roll would stay dry either :)
Master bedroom (Andy is sleeping in there if you can see. He has to be up for work at 2:30am). They don't have closets in their apartments so all they gave us was this armoire for three bedrooms. On a side note; they REALLY like their wallpaper :)
Not much of a nursery but it works! Changing pad on the floor, a playmat, and a bin full of clothes. We have Tyler's pack n' play in our room so far until we get another tranformer unit to plug in the monitor in his room. Since they are Korean outlets, we have to purchase transformer boxes that have two outlets to convert the power. We have four right now for the apartment but would need another one for his room and ours.
Main living room area. The master bedroom door is on the right.
Here is my HUGE kitchen!! I don't have an oven yet but apparently they are brining one in "many days" as our landlord says in english :) It will get placed on the countertop in that empty space next to the sink....guess no big Thanksgiving Turkey dinners for me!! Also notice that there is no dishwasher. Each night at the sink I have flashbacks of doing dishes by hand with my brother growing up. In reality it's not that bad; I think I've just been spoiled with all the nice American amenities.
The water here is not really drinkable. Before we got our filtered water as seen below; I was so dehydrated I woke up one night and drank some from the sink. Not a half hour later I was back up with wretched stomache pains for hours later.
The office/storage space
Dining room...sorta :)
The furnshied apartment came with the couch, TV stand, bed, armoire, and dining room table. We caved and bought a flat screen TV and this glider chair to nurse Tyler in. And for many of you that know us as "floor" people we had to buy the square rug piece to sit on....who needs a couch anyway!?! All in all, we are pleased with it. Since it is new we are sort of the guinea pigs as we see things breaking or the toilet leaking; but we can't complain. It is a 10 minute walk to the base, clean, and just big enough. I would like to say we have a spare bed if any of you would like to visit; but I'd be lying! If you like couches...we have one ready and waiting :)

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