Saturday, May 9, 2009

Together Again...

So I realized I hadn't posted any pictures of our journey back to Korea or our reunion with Andy. It's nice being back and being here together in the spring. We have so much we want to see and have already explored two major attractions here (pictures to follow!). During the day, Tyler and I have been hanging out a the base, re-joining a women's Bible Study, re-uniting with friends, and running with the jogger in our neighborhood. It can be a bit tricky since there is no good path or road to run on and people drive crazy; so we have to be a bit careful or just do the trail on base. Andy has had to work quite a bit still but we are excited to have a date night this weekend for a Squadron Ball. He has to wear his Mess Dress (military tuxedo...sorta') and I have an evening gown. Should be really fun and a much needed time for the two of us. Here are some photos of our first week back...
Tyler reading Sky Mall magazine while getting ready to take off from San Francisco to Tokyo.
mmmmm, Sky Mall tastes yummy :)
This is our thrid overseas flight and each one, without fail, includes a complimentary "poopy" accident :)
After staying up for the whole first 11 hours to Tokyo...he finally fell asleep 10 minutes prior to our decent...perfect timing :)
Andy's Dad flys for Delta and came in on a flight just hours prior so he waited to meet us at the Security checkpoint for a half funny to have seen him just days before in San Franciso and here we are meeting up in Japan; crazy!
We got in late on Saturday night and Tyler was already asleep; so they had to do their "catching up" on Sunday. As soon as Andy talked; Ty knew it was his Daddy! My friend Summer to the right and Lisa; ladies from the squadron. We were walking the path on base that takes you around the flight line. I had to pause and take this picture because it's not everyday the average bear gets to go for a walk while encased with barbed-wire fencing!!
Yeah!!! My box of toys arrived!
This was my high chair before Ty's portable chair arrived in the box I shipped. I tried the car seat first but he got ancy, then the couch while being propped with pillows and he just kept sliding down, then the exersaucer but he wanted to play; my lap....yeah right, and finally the umbrella seemed to do it's job for the first week. At least he couldn't move :)
Meeting Daddy for lunch at the BX (Base Exchange)
Chillin on the swing...watching the passers-by...
Aghhh, my TEETH better get here soon!!!
We stopped at a coffee shop in the shopping district and they had the huge snowman that Tyler could not quite figure out...Staring,!
He never gets tired of playing with Daddy.

I LOVE to Bounce!The first time I drove on base again, I noticed there were wildflowers everywhere! These flowers grew on the hillside like grass right after passing the front gate; even the shrubs along the curb were sprouting with gorgeous reds! God has a way of making things so beautiful just for us to enjoy!We also went to this indoor virtual golf place. For 10,000 Won (about $7), you can play 9 holes of the course of your choice. The ladies there treat you like Kings and Queens! They bring you beverages of your choice, fresh cut up fruit, sandwhiches...whatever you want! We are definately going back :)

Here is a video of me golfing. Keep in mind for you golf pros; I have not swung a club in 2 1/2 years before I broke my wrist snowboarding...and even then I was just learning. So I'm pretty proud that I at least hit the ball :)

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