Monday, May 18, 2009

The Korean Folk Village

A week ago we went to the Korean Folk Village for a long Saturday afternoon with our friends Grant and Summer. We had a blast visiting the original Korean Folk, I guess you could say :) They had old houses, demonstrations, museums, rides, and so on. There is a really hilarious video at the end of us riding these stuffed animals and of some sure to watch them. Here are some photos of our day...
Summer and I standing at the front entrance
As you walk in there are a ton of trees with restaurants before entering the main area.
We walked over the bridge to get to the amusement park and saw this person hanging out in a boat...turns out she's dead....not really, just fake!
Awwww....I wuv you too!
Andy getting ready to wrestle a chinese statue...I wonder who will win???
We walked through a statue garden and I was holding this pose for what seemed like 5 minutes on one leg while Summer was busy tripping a poor little Korean girl...way to go Summer!!
A very, very tired Tyler :)
Summer is having fun on the Carousel while Andy looks like he'd rather poke out his eye!!
Which one is not like the other?
We put 1,000 Won (about 75 cents) in these little animal things that drove us around. Can you tell Grant is having a good time?? have to watch the video at the end...I cry tears laughing so hard!!

Walking over another bridge to get to the demonstration area. Beautiful view
Old farm house
A little kid banging a drum...for a very, very long cute :)
If you can't tell, Tyler is in the stroller. He draws a crowd quite often around here :)

Selling little trinkets...
and beef on a stick!
Now it's OUR turn to be Korean!
Don't look too closely, my face looks really scary in this photo! I bet I could scare off Chuck Norris with it though! :)

The bride in a traditional Korean Wedding Ceremony

They carried her down the street in this box and then stood there with the groom on the horse for people to take photos.

I was pretending to take a picture of Summer and Tyler but was really taking a picture of the lady who stared at herself in her little hand-held mirror and did her make-up for about 8 minutes...maybe 10, but whose counting?
Aha!! There's Summer and Tyler!
To end the day, we topped it off with some toasted walnuts and dried squid...YUM! (not really)


Heather (Dan & Kennedy) said...

love the stuffed animal "ride!" that's too funny. hope you're doing well. miss you guys lots!!! we're having fun enjoying all that wa has to offer.

Fattoes said...

That video was HILARIOUS!!! What high speeds you reached!! Wow you must have been having so much fun!! Great blog!!