Sunday, May 24, 2009

The 25th Draggin' Ball

A week ago we had the 25th Fighter Squadron Draggin' Ball. The A-10 squadron call themselves the Draggins so we celebrated our squadron with a night of evening gowns, mess dress uniforms, a formal dinner, dancing and the Grog (more on that in a bit). The General on base was our guest speaker and gave a very motivating speech. This was Andy and I's third date night since Ty was born due to such a transient last 8 months. We definately needed a night away for the two of us and it was well worth it! Here are some pics of our fun evening :)
So when you're married to a fighter pilot; you soon realize how many silly traditions there are. The dinner started out with the announcement that the Grog was open. The Grog is a drink that is mixed with all things NASTY! No one can know what is put in it...all they know is if they break a rule (and there are about 40 of them!) that you must step up to the grog and drink. So during our hour long dinner people would stand up and announce who broke a rule and send them to the Grog for their penalty. You salute, drink, and salute again. Here is Andy getting prepped for the cup o' green :)
At an event like this, every officer is supposed to have their squadron coin in their pocket. Someone stood up and announced that if they did not have it with them; they must step to the Grog in good you can see, Andy was not the only one! Other rules include not standing up at the table when a lady gets up to use the restroom, not arriving 10 minutes prior to dinner, and clapping rather than pounding your spoon on the table, to name a few...
Prom photos!!
The awkward, "I'm so uncomfortable; I really didn't want to go to prom with my date and must stand within 3 feet away from each other" stance.
Ummm, not a prom photo...just us!So here is Summer and I. We have had a thing for Beyonce's new dance song, "Put a ring on it"...(if that's what it's called). Anyway, she does a really funky dance on her video and here is our impression. We practiced it before the ball and requested it during the dance. We only knew about 2 moves but kept repeating it as the dance floor quickly cleared and we were left with nothing but awkward stares and pity laughs :) Oh well! We had fun :)
A very, very bright prom picture with Grant and Summer.
Me with Brooklyn and Summer doing the Grog. We didn't break a rule, but wanted to prove that it wasn't that gross...we were quickly proven wrong. You first salute and then announce, "To the Draggins!" I guess i'm a little ambitious...
Here we go...
Hmmm, something green, with pineapple, whoppers, ummm something gross I won't think about and yucky alcohol...It's no big deal guys! I don't see what all the fuss tastes like candy...
...or maybe a fruit smoothie...yum!
We did it! Final Salute, whew!
Andy's A-10 B Course class from Tucson all here together in Korea.
Grant and Andy kicking off the dance party! (Andy is sad because he can't make the cool face that Grant is)
...."Arghhh matey...but I bet you can't make this one!"
Only good friends hold the bottom of your dress when you dance so you don't keep tripping on it :)
Cuttin' a rug!
The necessary dance line to Mc Hammer and the 80's!
Andy and I with his Squadron Commander Lt Col Stokes and his wife Lisa. They are moving back to the states so this was our last hooplah with them! And what a great hooplah it was :)

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Summer Jean said...

I laughed out loud when at the picture of me holding your dress. So hilarious!