Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jackson, MS

This last weekend I met up with my friend Summer in Jackson, MS. We were in Korea together and now she is in Shreveport teaching while waiting for her hubby, Grant to finish up in Korea. We rented a hotel and pretty much hung out and laughed all weekend! So much fun reuniting :) Here we are talking with our husbands :) So funny...we are "rooming" in a hotel together in Mississippi and they are roommates at Red Flag in Alaska!
Tyler loves Summer and missed her terribly :)

Ty was asleep so we got a couple drinks, ice cream, and magazines with a girlie movie :) Here we are taking "posed" pictures...Here we are being serious...
I said, "Okay, let's do REALLY excited!" As you can see Summer didn't quite get what I meant :)
Second attempt on REALLY excited! Better Summer! I'll just be sure to stand 10ft back when you're in a good mood; don't want to get decked!
Summer is miming when she is supposed to be REALLY scared! Lookin' good! I think she should have been in the music video for "Thriller"
Perplexed :) Thanks for a fun time!!! Miss you already :)

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