Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tyler's 1st Birthday Party!

Here are the pictures from Ty's birthday. He woke up to a banner, balloons, and pinata! There's also a short video at the end where he's investigating the frosting from the cake :) During his morning nap, Eve and I made and decorated the cake.

I took the polka dot theme from the banner and decorated the cake like it; or at least attempted to :)

It's missing the sprinkles and candle, but you get the idea :)

After lunch, Ty opened up some presents (just a couple I picked up from Walmart that are transportable and plane-friendly :)

Georgia was sad none of the presents were for her... Tyler let her open one!

Trying to avoid the party favors I kept first he thought it was really funny; but this picture proves that he got sick of it :)

With Auntie Eve and the 1st birthday pinata we found on clearance at a random party store in was perfect!

In the afternoon we headed to a pottery place where you can paint whatever you want. I wanted to do something for Ty's birthday but couldn't do anything big so I decided to paint a frame with his footprint and put his 1st birthday photo in it :)

Eating the brushes

He giggled because the paintbrush tickled :)

The finished product...except that it's not fired yet. When done, the green, blue, and brown should pop out nicely. I can't wait to pick it up!

We got some pizza at an Italian restaurant afterward

Back at the house and getting pumped for the cake!! This is pre-frosting, as you can see :)

Family picture. Notice Georgia's'll see several pictures like this! She was in heaven :)

Auntie Eve and Sophia :)

He only dug into the frosting and kept grabbing the chair so it was all over; I just let Georgia work her magic...less for me to clean up!

Nice frosting goatie :)

The Party Crew!!!

Georgia, if you want to remove the evidence, you'll have to clean your nose!

He had such a blast!

Can you guess which side is Tyler's and which is ours???

Getting ready for the bath!

All cleaned up and handsome! Happy Birthday my sweet boy!!

This video is only the beginning got a whole lot messier after this as you saw from the pictures.

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