Monday, February 1, 2010

Grandma Luedke Comes to Visit!

My mom came out to Tucson for 12 days to hang out with us and help watch Tyler while Andy and I took care of "moving stuff". We had such a fun time and did a few cool things together. Ty loved seeing her Indiana Grandma and can't wait for her next visit :)
Here are some pics from her trip

First off, several challenging games of Bananagram :) Racing on the chair in the TLF

Tyler turned 15 months while she was here, so we had our routine photoshoot :)


Baby Genius movie time

The Children's Museum!

Mom trying to work our camera :)

A gigantic game of "Operation"! This was one of my favorites as a kid so this was AWESOME!

A mini rock wall

Andy had a blast picking on her. It's okay, she didn't mind at all :)

Reid Park Zoo!

We went on a fun little train ride through the park...Ty loved it!!

Attempting a good photo with the sign but completely unsuccessful

Mom LOVES to have her photo taken...just ask her... she'll pose like it's Senior Prom!

Driving up Mt. Lemmon to go to the Cookie Cabin in Summerhaven and see some snow on Ski Valley

Can't beat homemade hot cocoa and cookies in a log cabin surrounded by snow and good company :)

You can't see it, but this is the very small town of Summerhaven that had a massive fire years ago and wiped out the town. The trees are re-growing, and so is the population with beautiful log homes to claim its territory.

I guess the sugar from the cookie went right to their hands! A little music and I had 80's flashbacks while I watched my husband and my mom "Raise the Roof"! Never thought I'd see the day :)

This is sugar going straight to MY head...

Mom's first time at the looks of it, it was a HUGE success!

The morning we had to take her to the airport.

One last goodbye. Thank you mom for a wonderful visit! You were so helpful and so much fun to have around. Can't wait to see you and Dad in Germany! We love you :)

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