Monday, February 15, 2010

Tucson Tyler!

Sorry for not blogging in a while. We got to Germany safely a week ago and have had some internet problems in our temporary lodging facility on base. I am at the Library right now posting, so hopefully I can make it back soon enough to catch up on all the photos from our journey across America and the Atlantic! We are pretty much over jet lag after our 1am flight. Unfortunately we were all sick for the week that we traveled, but thankfully the sickness is behind us. Andy has been inprocessing on the base while Ty, Georgia, and I are hanging out and cutting teeth in our room (he finally got his 4th he's working on 5 and 6 simultaneously :) It's a bit chilly in the low 20's but we still make it outside to play in the snow and Georgia is more than thrilled with all the white stuff! Not too many people are moving right now so houses are scarce. We have 1 more week in base lodging before we have to stay in another temporary lodging off base in one of the villages until we can find a house to rent. Please pray that something opens up. We are more than blessed and excited to be here, but would also love to settle in and have our household goods. Here are some picks of Tyler during our stay in Tucson. He sure is a happy camper with all the moving; you would never know with all of his smilin' :)The Bag of Flour was getting fussy, so Ty decided to take it out for a walk. It was only moments before the crying stopped...he'll make a great daddy someday :)Playing Peek A Boo :)His new favorite spot...on Daddy's shoulders! He uses Andy's ears as handlebars. When Andy turns his head, ty will quickly pull the reins to keep him straight. Future horseback rider? maybe

He's still not walking on his own. We've come to realize and also from hearing from other people that he's a pretty mellow, easy going baby; which also means he's very cautious. he's completely sturdy when standing on his own but once he realizes he's not holding on to anything he quickly sits down to crawl where he's comfortable. As long as he has a finger to hold on to he does great and actually doesnt need us a bit. Soon enough I'm sure we'll regret all the coaxing when we won't be able to sit still from chasing him :)

Watching Baby Genius
"All I want for Bathtime is my two front teeth, my two front teeth"
He loved the children's section of the library. I read to him quite a bit because he loves books. But when we're here I cant get him to look at one! Probably because there are toys and shelves to climb on :)
Tyler's bedroom for the month :) There was 1 bedroom in the TLF, so I fit the pack n' play in the closet and closed the doors a bit to keep it dark and he slept just fine (as seen by the picture). I'm sure someday he'll see this and think we tortured him as a child for making him sleep in the closet, but it was either this or the kitchen! Mother knows best :)

Cruisin! Every time the door would open he'd sprint to find the walker and squeeze out the door as fast as he could...we couldn't keep the kid inside!

More climbing...this time at Barnes N Noble. I think i saw him reach for "Learn How to Walk by Age 2" which was also next to the book, "Who needs teeth?" he's quite the reader these days...

He's also found a facination for the refrigerator....and chocolate pudding :)

"I'm so hungry...My mom never feeds me....if only I had some pasta!!!"
Pasta? Check! Phantom of the Opera, scene 1, "Action!"

Second fascination? Climbing on the dishwasher of course!

Reading his Bible

I think we hit up Chick -Fil-A probably 2 dozen times while in the states....LOVE IT!! and so does Tyler. He doesnt really pause to breath while he eats. There's probably something in these parenting books I seem to by but don't have time to would say, "Don't give a whole banana to your kid...he will shove it ALL in his mouth and will become a choking hazard". All i can say is the kid is getting his fill of Potassium :) (Don't worry...I took CPR; I am always there ready for the hymlick! I'm not that bad of a mom :)

Me with my handsome boy...really wrinkly picture of me (It's the camera, I promise!) More pics to come soon....until then, Auf Wiedersehen!

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