Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Making the Rounds...

We're Back!!! So many things have been going on here since we arrived to Germany and with no good internet connection, moving, house hunting, and prepping for Andy's deployment; I'm slightly behind in blogging. Although these pictures are still from January and our journey out to Deutschland, hopefully y'all will appreciate that this good German gal has to stay 'in order' before jumping to some pictures of our new terrain! We'll get there soon! Until then, these pics were from the last 2 weekends in Tucson before flying out to pick up Georgia in Alabama. We 'made the rounds' in quite a short time visiting family, friends, old neighbors and so many people we hold dear to us.
First off, Andy's Aunt Margaret (aka: Aunt Bunny) and Uncle Dewane
Showing off some cool videos of the A-10
Ty loved Uncle Dewane :)
...he also had a thing for Aunt Bunny's eye lashes...
....and space heaters :)
They took us out for some good Italian food while my mom was still here.
My mom was so gracious to watch Ty for us several times so Andy and I could have a couple date nights. Here we are at a Country Club with a live band, our friends Cole and Brooklyn (who also moved from Korea and are with us in Germany now), and some two-steppin'!

Our old neighbors Alan and Susan with their kids. We were neighbors in Texas for 3 years, so we had to pop in and say hello now that he's stationed in Tucson.
Their son Calvin has a mild case of 'fan fever'
Our old neighbors Jeff and Naomi took us out to eat (old as in 'in the past'....not saying that you guys are 'old' don't worry Naomi!!). We were neighbors across the street when we were in Tucson for 8 months before Korea. They are such sweet people and we miss having them so close by.
Haley and I became friends during our time in Tucson. She was old college buddies with my friend Beth Ann and her hubby Todd just got back from deployment shortly after this pic was taken. We hung out during our time in Tucson since Todd was in Korea and having two Golden Retrievers who loved each other didn't hurt either :)
I think Ty thought Polly was Georgia...he hadn't seen her in 3 1/2 months during this picture so he was slightly excited to see a look-a-like!

My sewing buddy Carol! She and I met as I was taking a sewing class at Jo-Ann fabrics in Tucson after buying my new singer and having not a clue how to use it! We talked and realized we have a mutual faith in Jesus and our friendship just sailed from there.

Packing up our Temporary Lodging Facility (aka: home for the month of January).

Before leaving Tucson they had some record-breaking snow up in the mountains...it was so gorgeous!
The Base Chapel
We headed up to see Andy's Sis and family in Phoenix and stay over night before flying out to Brimingham. We watched a couple games of the kids (unfortunately I've lost some of them) but here is their oldest Jack at one of his soccer tournaments
Cousins :)
Uncle wrestling nephew

Some good ol' fashion trampoline fun and head locks go hand in hand :)
Who needs a booster seat when you have a chair and a dish towel!?!

I had a pretty intense hockey game with Tom...especially being that we traded roller blades...I wore Tom's and he wore Andy's...hmmm

Sis-in-law Pam...(aka: sister :)
Jack n' Pete
Tony Tickles Tyler's Tummy, Tony Tickles Tyler's Tummy, Tony Tickles Tyler's Tummy, Tony Tickles Tyler's Tummy, Tony Tickles Tyler's Tummy....WHEW!!! I think I did it.
Family shot befor heading to the airport. Thanks everyone for such fun, albeit, quick visits. We love and miss you all!

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