Friday, July 9, 2010

England Part 1

This post was supposed to be just about Cambridge because I took a ton of pictures on my friends camera to prove I was there! However, I only have 2 that uploaded to blogger and after many many attempts over the last 2 days; I am done trying :) Soooo, here are pictures of our time in Bury St. Edmunds a very cute town not far from where my friends live. The base where they are stationed is about an hour and a half northeast of London (I think)...I got some pics of their villages too, but those werent uploading either...sorry!

We got a babysitter one afternoon for all the kids and had 'girl time' in Bury. We went to Harriets Tea House and had traditional tea & was soooo good! I had no idea how to do it the 'English way' so Julie was showing me......and now I am British!!

While we were out shopping, they asked us to be a part of a local commercial...feeling honored; we agreed. They just asked us to look natural and I think we accomplished this very well; don't you?
A whole area of ruins near the church...don't remember all the details but long story short...there were troubled times and no money...this compound was set aside for the monastery. When the townspeople needed supplies and didnt have the money to buy things they started stealing from the compound over several years and these ruins are all that is left of it today...above you can see a door way.
The boys didnt pay too much attention to this...they just spent the whole time chasing the ducks and feeding them bread

Walking through Bury St. Edmunds

Saturday market
The smallest pub in's only the bottom part.
Cambridge...I have a ton of great photos and bummed you cant see more of it.
We went punting through all of the universities. We had to bring a change of clothes for the boys knowing they would want to splash on the side of the didnt take long before they were wet :) Cambridge is a beautiful city. I think there are maybe 12 universities there? (Don't have time to wikipedia it right now :))
Janell and Chase took us to "Rock Tots" at their local library. She takes Chase here once a week for a 20 minutes of singing and dancing just for toddlers. It was so much fun and Tyler had been practicing some of the songs that Chase taught him...he picked 'em up pretty quick because he loves music. I already checked around here in Germany and no rock tots for us; looks like we'll have to keep doing our dancing at the Korsmo Casa :)

"musical instruments" (20 Toddlers=LOUD!!)

Mildenhall Air Base has the most AWESOME indoor playground for toddlers up to age 5. Three levels high; fully padded, and not a worry in the world. They have seating surrounding the whole thing and a couple treadmills too. I must say the best part about it is that the coffeehouse is also attached to this so we grabbed our coffee and sat for an hour and a half and let the kids play. It was so nice, because most playgrounds in our area arent toddler friendly so I am still 'hovering' as he's climbing; but not here....I got a chance to relax a bit with a very tasty raspberry white mocha...mmmm

End of a long day...time for a bath!! Next up: LONDON!!

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Jessica said...

OK I am catching up on all of my blog seeing all of your pictures with Chase and Tyler together. How fun! Looks like yall did a lot of fun things...we are going to have to make a trip over there to see you guys :)