Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Visitors Part 2

We spent a beautiful day in Bernkastel-Kues, which is one of many adorable villages along the Mosel River in the Wine country. It's only a 45 minute drive from home so it made for another great day trip. We walked the town, had a picnic, got ice cream, took a river cruise and I took TONS of pictures (this is only a fraction of them!) We had everything for the picnic but forgot the blanket.
The ruins of Burg-Landshut Castle on the hill
You can see all the vineyards but without all the grapes...it was still end of May. Now that we are in June, this same picture would be entirely green in the background

Most German towns have a 'Walkplatz' where no cars or vehicles of any type are allowed in...just pedestrians for all the shopping and cafe's. I just love it!!

If any of you love Rick Steve's as much as I do (basically the guru for European travel); one of his tv shows showed this exact building in Bernkastel...almost like the German 'leaning tower of Pisa'

For some reason I couldnt get Ty to eat the ice cream...I mean...c'mon! Who's kid is this? Surely he isnt mine if he's rejecting chocolate of any sort!! Looks like the boys behind me had no problems, though :)

We took an hour long river cruise along the edge of Bernkastel. It was fun, but it was also the end of the day and the kids were getting tired and hot...not quite as relaxing as we had hoped :) But still beautiful!

This is how Ty would watch the boats go by

Some mommy snapshots...I promise Julie was here too with her kiddos but we had to take turns watching all of our stuff while we went to the upper deck to get some pictures

You can see the castle ruins on the upper right. Absolutely idyllic!
The vineyards starting to grow some leaves

One night, Julie was so kind to stay in while all the kids were asleep and Janell and I went to a Crud tournament. For those of you who are military; this is a big deal!! Its a game you play on the pool table and only the wives play. There are usually bruises, scratches, and pulled hair in each game (maybe not the pulled hair but wanted to give you the elusion of a cat fight!!) Each squadron builds teams and plays against each other in a tournament about twice a year. I didnt play in this one but you can bet I'll be playing this fall :)
Some guy went around and handed out free jello shots. I've never had one before, and its pretty obvious becuase it couldnt get it out of the cup to even try it!There was a mechanical bull outside and I've never been and was soooo excited to try it. If you click on the picture above to make it bigger you can see I am pretty much yelling out the world's loudest "yeeee-haaaawww" to get him started :)

Janell's turn

The night before we left for England, we had friend Brooklyn come over for dinner and cake to celebrate her birthday. Tyler was not impressed, however, once he realized the presents werent for him

Mint chocolate chip ice cream cake...her favorite!! Not so glamorous but homemade with lots of love...happy birthday! Next post: ENGLAND!!!

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erickson family said...

so fun! i love the scenery, the ice cream, the fun times. you are such a "fun" friend tara. wish we could hang out every week.