Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Monsoons are here!

So Tucson has been pretty hot lately...roughly 105-110 degree temps. Everyone has been talking up the monsoons which bring cooler temperatures and lots of floods. The city has plenty of "Washes" as they call it where the rain channels through to help take the water off the roads. Apparently many people still try to drive and die each year attempting them. This will not be the case for me as I have a 2 door honda civic that hydroplanes after a few droplets! I took Georgia and Polly out for a run at the start of the storm and as the rain hit. It was so exciting to see something other than sun for a change! Here are some pics of the mountains surrounding our neighborhood.

Rainbow shot from our backyard.
Here is a picture of my latest sewing project. For many of you that know me; know that domestication is not in my vocabulary. Well, I thought I would break the mold and buy a sewing machine as it is a very resourceful skill to learn. (I took a class and had a local friend teach me a few things to get started). My first project was Andy's Pirate Pajama Pants!
Second, was a dog bed cover for Georgia's bed, and now a baby blanket for Tyler. It has a fleece on the front and satin on the back. The satin blue binding around the edge didn't have any black on it so I had to sew the black ribbon on each side to add some color. I didn't sew the cow...merely stiched it on, but somewhat of a challenge in and of itself! Hopefully he will like it!