Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunsets and Bike Rides

So I didn't take too many pictures in the last week but got a few of the famous Arizona sunsets. These mountain ranges to the west were pretty far away and my zoom would only take the picture so far; but you get the idea. The sunsets here truely are beautiful and these pictures really don't do them justice. Because of the monsoons we have been averaging low to mid 90's for the high which is great! The evenings are even better...Andy and I have been taking many long walks, building fires in our backyard, and setting chairs out to watch the lightning which entertains the sky nearly every evening.

Okay, so before you think we are crazy, let me explain why Georgia is riding in Tyler's bike carrier. We never tried it out before purchasing and when attaching to Andy's bike we wanted to see if it was any more stable with weight in it...hence Georgia. She wasted no time jumping right in and didn't make any fast breaks to get out either. So we biked around the neighborhood like this inviting many weird stares. Oh well...we didn't care and she sure had a good time :) The video below is too funny not to post!