Monday, July 14, 2008

We found WATER!!!

This weekend we went to Sabino Canyon Recreation area to hike with the dogs in search of the river that is there. Apparently the park is not pet friendly so we had to find our own spot to explore and find water. With all the monsoons lately the wash's have become fuller and fuller. Andy found the Bear Canyon trailhead so we went for a lil' hike. Needless to say; water was waiting for us. Believe it or not; this is the first flowing river we have found in Tucson. Coming from Minnesota this is such a pity :)
Georgia and Polly having a grand ol' time!
Tyler and I hanging out

Happy Georgia :)
Polly sleeping in our backseat...looks uncomfortable to me :)
Meeting for ice cream with my friend Heather before the baby emerges...soon I will be the lone ranger of the 3 preggo spouses in the class...almost there!!