Monday, July 21, 2008

Sabino Canyon

Well, we made our second attempt to Sabino Canyon this weekend since the dogs weren't allowed when we went last Saturday. We took a tram that gave us a tour of the canyon and then it dropped us down to the damn where the "lake" was. Although the monsoons have been fairly active; it wasn't much of a lake but we were still happy to see water and lots of GREEN!!!

It was cool to see the big trees, grass, and ocotillo (whispy thing straight ahead which does have spikes but not a cactus) and the tall saguaros in the background all living harmoniously together. We learned that it takes 70 years for Saguaros to grow arms, they can live up to 200 years old, and can survive up to 2 years without water...yikes!!
A big shady tree and the "lake" behind me :)
Some of you know that I am a HUGE fan of got snakes, lizards, or just anything with scales. I have seen a few rattlesnakes while here but have yet to get a picture. This lil' guy was very colorful under his belly and he just stood there moving up and down as if he was doing funny to watch! We saw several of them all over. Arizona hosts the only poisonous lizard...maybe it was this guy!! I don't think so; he looks way too cute to be a killer :) Click on the picture for a better close-up...
Having fun with the timer on the camera...

Andy thinks we're growing apart...I think he might be right :)
The rockslide at the dam. We played here for about an hour. Didn't have our swimsuits but clothes worked just as great!

Officially 7 months last week!!
Andy has been doing a lot of road biking lately. Tucson is known for it and has a bike path on nearly every road. Unfortunately I can no longer join him as my knees bump into my belly when I pedal. He biked all the way to Sabino canyon where I met him with the car. Great job!!

Georgia and Polly's new pool :)