Tuesday, September 2, 2008

34 1/2 Weeks

Well things are progressing nicely. Had my 34 wk appt last Thursday and the second the doc saw my belly she knew he had started to "drop" (which essentially means he is starting to move down towards the pelvis and is getting ready to make his grand appearance!). The nice thing about this is that I have some room again to breath...downside is I have to pee all the time!! She said I shouldn't go past my Oct 6 due date and that if he continues to progress he may come early. We will see...it's all up to the lil' guy :) I put my resignation in at the Child Development Center last week and my final work day will be Sep 12...which is next Friday! That will give me a couple weeks to get the house ready for a baby and a big move!!
This is just a cute picture of Andy and Georgia. She was a lil' sleepy so she just laid on his lap like this for a half hour. Pretty soon she's going to have to share all the attention :)