Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shower Time!

This past Sunday, my dear friend Haley hosted a beautiful shower at her home. My friend Eve (who sent out the invites) coordinated with her to make this a "mail shower" where you mail the gifts to Haley's home since most people are out of state. Anywho, Eve and my friend Rebecca did an excellent job making the invitations and the "advice" cards that were sent to many of you...I really enjoyed reading them and need all the advice I can get :) Haley put a ton of work into the cute clothesline decorations and wonderful spread of food-you rock!! It has been such a blessing getting to know her during my time here in Tucson and I know our pups Georgia and Polly appreciate our friendship too...means more playdates for them! In addition, my Minnesota friends Lacey and Ann coordinated the "diaper bag game" by mailing a diaper bag filled with goodies that we had to guess the price of. It was a wonderful surprise and Ann if you are reading this...I know the Reeses were your idea :) Love them!! To all you ladies: Thank you so much for throwing me this shower. I feel so blessed to have wonderful friends like you who are a Godly example of support and love during such a new and exciting time for us...thanks!!!! Haley and I with the oh so yummy food we are about to devour!!
"Tyler William Korsmo" on the yellow cake with choc fave...thanks Haley :)
The clothesline of belly progression photos...what a cute idea!!
Opening gifts with a rather weird smile on my face :)
Ahhh...yes....Butt Paste!

Tyler will be so cute in his "My First Thanksgiving" ensemble sent from family in Minnesota :)
Reading cards (and still don't know what's up with the weird expressions on my face)
MY STROLLER!!! Thanks to my MN family :)
The group of gals at the shower...Andy's mom, sister, Aunt, and niece, along with some spouses from Andy's training class. Thanks for coming out everyone!! And to all of you who are reading this from out of state: thank you for showering us with gifts from afar (isn't that in the Bible somewhere??) Although you may not be the 3 Wise Men; we appreciate all the efforts put into mailing these wonderful gifts and cannot say thank you enough...our hearts are so full :)
At home after the shower to say hi to Andy
Andy attempting to figure out the baby sling...I told him he was close :)
Great picture of Andy & mom in the squadron for a quick tour and lesson on a mock A-10 cockpit...looks like she could be the next fighter pilot in the family :)

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Wagner said...

We can finally comment on your blog! You look great! So glad you had a wonderful shower - so wish I could have been there. Can't wait to hear about Tyler's arrival!