Saturday, September 27, 2008

38 Weeks

Hopefully this will be the last post with my pregnant belly! I officially am 1 week out from my due date and definately ready! Other than some inevitable nerves for the delivery; we are pumped to meet the lil' guy. Doc still thinks I won't go past October 6, so it could be sometime this week but it's all up to him and the big Guy upstairs! I have been having some intense contractions and low back pain in the last week but they are not regular enough at this point for me to go in. We have his temporary "nursery" ready to go, and house half packed for the big move early November. We are excited to have visitors once Tyler arrives and are awaiting Andy's A-10 graduation ceremony on the 10th...hopefully I won't be in the hospital during that time!! On a side note...I chopped my hair again! Was at Target and saw a Cost Cutters across the street...without any tought, 6 inches were gone :)


Jossie said...

HI Tara- I love your updates and you are still looking adorable (as usual)! Good luck with everything this coming up week - Justin and I will be praying for an easy delivery.

Anonymous said...

You're soooo beautiful with your pregnant belly! Praying for you guys this week, as you wait for Tyler's arrival!!! Love, Allison Henley