Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tyler William Korsmo's Arrival

Here is a quick update to the new little guy. We're so proud of our little man, and can't wait A couple days to go...

Just a quick nap before the big pushing. Quick dilation and a knot in the umbilical chord helped speed up the process. Great work Tara!



Here he is...8-minutes old and seeminly pretty chill thus far. The doctors ran a bunch of tests and they say that he is "gifted"... he is in the top 99% in terms of athletic ability, ingenuity, good looks, charm, 'manliness', and 12 other catagories. What lucky parents. The new Family (minus Georgia)

Chicken legs? What you talking bout fool?

What a fun little guy. If I didn't say earlier...6lb 3oz, 19" long, born 29 Sep 08 at 4:23pm.

Hitching a ride.


J & E said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Im so happy he's here!! Congratulations!

mimim said...

Wow! What a fun introduction to TJ. We congratulation you both, Tara for hard work and Andy for coaching. We are excited for his birth and being grandparents again!!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!! Thanks so much for the call yesterday. We're so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet Tyler - and to see you guys too, of course :-) Sending hugs and love to all 3 of you across the ocean.

The Oki crew

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! He's sooo precious! And Tara you look great for having been through labor! Glad to see pics so quickly! Love you guys! --Allison & Matt

Anonymous said...

Jess just sent us your link. Congratulations!! He appears to be one amazing baby. So glad all went well and both mom & little guy are healthy. Andy, you are a "father"! And we know you will make a wonderful dad.
Blessings on your new little one and on the 2 of you as you become a family. In His love, Jim & Greta (DeKorne)

the DeMizio Family said...

What a beautiful family!! Precious pictures!!

Working with eager hands said...

Congrat!!! So, happy for you guys!! He is perfect! Love you lots, The McClains

Haley said...

He's SO cute! I just want to come over and squish him:)

Maybe I will....:):)