Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birthday Surprise!

So last Thursday, I turned 29! It was the night before Tyler and I were headed back to Korea, so my only anticipation was getting prepped for the trip. What I didn't know is that my wonderful husband had been coordinating to fly my friend Eve from Mississippi out to surprise me! I was in Target when my father and sister-in-law called and said they were in the area and that they would meet me at Target to show me the new phones they just got. As they walked in and I complimented them on their recent purchase; I had a tap on my shoulder with someone who said, "Fancy meeting you here!" It was Eve!! I was shocked but even more excited. She stayed from Monday to Friday morning and celebrated my birthday with me. Here are some pics of our fun 4 days!!
First stop, of course, In-N-Out Burger....yum :)
Having brunch at Karen's Bakery in Folsom...also yummy :)
My father-in-law had a flight on Wednesday morning so they took us to their favorite Mexican restaurant Tuesday evening before he left. Here are the sombreros to prove it :)

Tyler with Auntie Eve at Round Table Pizza....oober yummy! (Is anyone getting the idea that we ate a lot!?!)
My big boy in a REALLY big chair!
We went to drop Haley off at youth group and Eve was in the front, Haley in the back with Georgia...she didn't have her "usual window" so she improvised with Ty's carseat :)
I took her to Petco to pick out some toys before I left.
Her and Mr. Giraffe :)
Baking Snicker Surprise cookies with Eve and staying clean of course!
The flour battle rages on!!!
Finished products :) Did someone say yum!?
She made me breakfast in bed on Thursday, my birthday morning. I think Georgia's upset she didn't get eggs and strawberries too...sorry kid!
Eve treated me to the most amazing pedicure ever! The place was top notch with a coffee and wine selection, a pianist (even though he wasn't playing), aromatherapy, and the best massage chairs. It wasn't too busy so we sat in the chairs for about a half hour after the ladies finished. What a treat! Thanks Eve :)

We headed next door to Olive Garden for lunch. This is my best Calamari impersonation. I think it's pretty accurate :)
Ummm, have no idea what she's doing here...

Birthday's all-around! We paused to celebrate Haley's early 16th birthday since I will be back in Korea on her big day. Rather than a birthday cake, I wanted frozen yogurt from "Big Spoon". It's a place where you dish up your own frozen yogurt and put whatever toppings on you want. They charge you by the weight and it's pretty cheap. I love it! And so does Tyler :)

Yeahhh! I'm 29! I had such a fun birthday! Not only did Andy surprise me, but he made 29 birthday cards on with pictures, captions, quotes, etc. They were mailed to me throughout the week and on my birthday I got to open all 29 of them. Not only that, but I have another big surprise waiting for me here in Korea. We get to pick it up this weekend...I can't wait! What an amazing and thoughtful man; thank you hun! You are the sweetest, and always know exactly what I need. Thanks Eve for such a fun visit! Your presence and all you did for me made it so special and I thank God for such an incredible friend. And to all my family and friends who sent birthday cards, wishes, and phone calls; thank you for taking the time to make my day so memorable. It was one of the best birthdays ever!

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