Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Georgia Peach

I've been posting so much about Tyler and our various trips that I thought we owe it to our little girl to have a post all about her. She has been staying with Andy's parents in California for the year and we miss her so much! We are comforted knowing she is loved and very spoiled with them :) She loves Tyler and plays mother hen; letting me know when he wakes up from a nap or brings him her teddy bear when he cries. She has the sweetest, most sensitive demeanor and cuddles with me at night while Andy is gone. We love our lil' peach!!
Georgia loves to sunbathe on the back patio that overlooks the pond. She has a fun time watching the ducks. Here she is after she got groomed. Such a beauty :)
Trying to get equal attention from Grandma K.
Such a good big sis :) She likes to be his pillow. He will grab and pull her fur and if it hurts she just kisses him to let him know.
Hanging out in the back yard. She loves the grass after being in Tucson with nothing but rocks for a yard!
Here is a dog park nearby. She played with the 4 other Golden Retrievers while we were there; this being one of them.
Ty, Georgia, and I went for a hike on some of the trails near my in-laws house. Here she is telling me to stop taking pictures so we can RUN!!
Group photo by the pond :)
Our lil' beauty in a field of wildflowers...such a pretty sight!

Here is a video of her chasing after her beloved ball...she can never get enough of it!!

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Haley said...

Ohhhh Georgia, we miss you so!! Polly says that she is very jealous of the grass and she sends many kisses! She's very proud of Georgia being such a great big sister!:)

Miss you guys!!