Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A couple weeks ago, when Tyler turned 6 months he said his first guessed it! "Momma" Andy thinks I have been bias and training him to say it since he is in Korea and can't influence him otherwise. I am not going to lie....he is partially correct :) Anyway, for about 5 days he was saying it, and then stopped and hasn't said it since. Every time I tried to take a video he would stop, so I was taking this video for Andy to show off his "kicking skills" and he says it in the video! It's not as clear as some of the other times he said it, but you get the jist. I'm so glad I caught it :) He still doesn't know what it means but someday soon he will. Until then, we are working on "Dada" for our trip back to Korea next week. We can't wait to see him!

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Jessica said...

Tara! He sounds just like Maddi on her video saying it...I LOVE IT! So sweet. I can't believe you guys are about to go back over to Korea already. I have loved seeing all of your traveling pictures. We will pray for a safe trip there. Keep updating and tell Andy hello for us. We love you guys :)