Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Minnesota Part 2

The second leg of our trip was spent visiting friends and staying with my friend and college roommate Erica, her hubby Drew, and sweet lil' twin girls. Several college friends came to visit, so it was a busy time but so much fun catching up and relaxing with everyone. I warn you there are lots of pictures with college roommates and babies...better than college babies and roomates :) haha!
Here is Erica with Tirzah and Alayna. By the last day, I was finally able to tell them apart!
Tyler wasn't sleeping well since we got to MN. He has been teething pretty bad and going through his 6 month growth spurt...not a good combo! Erica had a twin pack n' play that is much larger than the standard, so he had plenty of room to move around; but he always seemed to find the corner :)

He was really into sticking his tongue out this week! If I do it first, he will mimick me. Here is my friend Carrie and Tommy, her 3 month old. We went to Africa together, then shared an apartment after college. It is always so fun to share memories, and now make new ones with our boys!Tyler and Tommy :)
Us with our Jailbirds :)
We already started to make wedding plans :)
Leaving for brunch at Good Earth, our favorite health food restaurant. Ty and the girls were good back seat drivers :)
With my friend Colleen. Does living on the same floor Freshman year constitute as a roommate?
Erica, my other college roomie Emily, me, and Carrie
Poor Tommy getting decked by one of the twins :)
With my good friend Matt Lang
CARIBOU!!! By far the best coffee ever. Starbucks has nothing on them! (By the way, Tyler's sleep hood from his baby carrier also serves as a great bib to catch crumbs and coffee drip, haha :)

Tyler was particularly unhappy one afternoon and nothing was working. Erica tried singing and it didn't last very long...
The calm before the...
Tyler: "Don't worry, I'm okay now that I have my ladies to console me!""Shhh, just go."
"You haven't heard? Pink is the new blue!" :)
A visit from my friend Lindsey and her twin boys. No we weren't roommates in college...but did become good friends on a month excursion in Mexico. Barricading the boys from the stairs. They sure were determined!
Lacey with her daughter Melody. Yes, we were roommates in college and also went to Mexico together. I know you are wondering how many roommates I had! No one liked me, so I had to keep switching :) haha!

Drew's Aunt and Uncle came over Friday night to watch the kids so we could all go out for dinner, see the Jr. High Musical "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" that Erica coreographed, and grab a drink afterward.Here is our weird smile picture.
We each only had one drink, so we can't blame it on the alcohol :) With my friend Petra and...(you guessed it) my college roommate!
Erica's brother Ryan with his son and Ty Choking Emily; my favorite pastime :)

All the kids (and dog) happy as clams :)

All in this last week Tyler started holding his bottle, sitting up, and just yesterday said his first word: "MAMA!"
Big boy in the tub :)

Last picture before heading to the airport. Thank you so much for your hospitality and the great fellowship!Goodbye Minnesota, hello California (for the next month at least :)

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Jolene Renee said...

OH TARA!!! I wish I could have seen you, bummer that we were there so close, yet so far timing wise. :) I loved looking at these pictures. One day, one day, friend, I will get to hold little Tyler! :) Henry and Tyler..maybe future college roomates? :) Boy, would we have a lot of tricks to teach them!