Monday, August 10, 2009

10 Months and last of California

Tyler is officially 10 1/2 months now, so in the last two weeks since these pictures were taken he's grown an extra foot! Just kidding; but he is cutting his first tooth...FINALLY!!! For those of you who have been speaking with me lately; you know how miserable of a process this has been for the little man; but just yesterday I spotted a white speck poking out of his gum...praise God! I'm hoping this will put an end to some of his pain and restless nights (for the both of us...haha!). that is not a tooth!!

A gift from Andy in Alaska :)
...she thought I wasn't looking :)
He loves watching the tub fill up!
Tyler's new fort.
We came back from the family camp week at Mount Hermon to pick up Georgia at the Thompson's. They are friends of Andy's family and LOVE Georgia. They have a pool in the backyard so of course GA went swimming every day. We all ended up swimming and staying for a barbecue. They are wonderful people!
Jeff and Georgia were buddies for the week :)

The sad drive to the San Francisco airport. Thanks for everything!!! We made it safely to Indiana and are having fun with my parents. More pictures to come shortly!

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