Thursday, August 27, 2009

Christmas Card Photo Unleashed!

As many of you know, we do a crazy Christmas card photo each year. Last year's card was our favorite! We were in the process of moving to Korea/California and did not get all of them sent out. So, due to popular demand, I am posting a couple photos here so you can see them. The top one was the official card we sent out and the other two are just fun. Andy rented the Joseph costume and my sister-in law was in a Christmas play for church so I wore her outfit and found a white sheet for a covering. We bought the wings/halo for Georgia and went to Andy's home church where they were practicing for their play. We went behind stage with the manger, swaddled Tyler up, and voila!! You have a Christmas card! Mind you, this was taken in about 20 minutes because Andy was leaving for Korea the next day! But we had to do it!!! We couldn't let our fans down :) I wonder what Christmas 2009 has in store!?'ll have to wait and see :)

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