Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mount Hermon

This last week, Tyler and I went with Andy's family to Mount Hermon; a Christian Family Camp in the Redwood Forest just outside of Santa Cruz, CA. Andy grew up going here every year, so it's sad to experience the week without him; but I don't feel too bad because he is getting his fair share of outdoor fun in Alaska right now! (he promises to blog; so watch for some pictures!). We went biking, ziplining, running, rockclimbing, hiking, slept, ate, relaxed, and listened to some incredible messages from the Dallas Theological Seminary. The weather was perfect, and it was a great week to sit outside and take in God's beauty! Dad and I on a bike ride along the railroad tracks that lead to Santa is a Massive Redwood behind us!

Tyler bouncing with a beautiful overlook from our room.
They have a huge field where people play football, sit on blankets, or do whatever. Since Ty hasn't really experienced grass (ie: there is NONE in Korea!), we went to let him explore and crawl til his heart was content! I am no photographer and I know the lighting is not the best, but here are some cute shots of him.

The high ropes course

...on a little hike with my man...

Mom and I went on a Canopy Tour. We ziplined 7 times 150ft up tree to tree. It was awesome!! Watch the videos of us at the end :)

Mid week there is always a pancake breakfast at the top of the mountain early morning. The pancakes are huge and they have all the was soooo good and we had hot chocolate to top off the crisp morning :)

The conference center. In the far back you can see Howie Hendricks speaking. What a privelage!
At "The Fountain" snack shop getting ice cream before bed.

Walking in the river with the waterfall behind us.

The adult highchairs! The childcare workers were awesome and took such good care of Tyler giving me a nice little break each day!

Dad found a jump park so we had to try it out before leaving

Saying goodbye and sad to leave!

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