Saturday, August 29, 2009

11 Months!

Ty is 11 months today! Time is flying by!! Hard to believe that next month's photo he will be ONE! Holy cow! He has been doing so many "big boy things" such as eating all finger foods, walking with a walker, and moving, moving, moving!!! Each month I try to get a nice, smiley, sweet photo; which I have pulled off until now. I attempted to get a straight on smile of him and managed to get one photo of him smiling below. As I kept snapping, I realized that was all I was going to get. I figured, "Who am I fooling!?!" Our son does not sit patiently, smiling like a photographer's MOVES! ALWAYS!! Yes there is a picture of him sitting, but I staged it...don't be fooled! All 5 photos were taken in less than 30 seconds...that's all he gave me :) Our little baby is now a little boy and we could not love him more :) Be sure to watch the two videos at the is a quick video of Ty "pounding"....his new favorite thing and this video doesn't even do it justice! The other is a really cute video of him teasing Georgia in order to get some kisses (I do put clothes on him...he just managed to escape as I was changing him into his pajamas...surprise, surprise :)
"Hmmm another piece of paper for me to rip"

"Peace out Mom, I'm done with this!

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