Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thailand! (Part 1)

We are back!! Thailand was awesome and I have sooooooo many pictures and videos for you!! We were so blessed to have this vacation and can't wait to go back someday! Tyler had a blast and did really well with everything...he especially loved riding the elephant! But his favorite was parasailing....(okay can stop hyperventalating he did not parasail, we'll wait til' he's 4 to try that one! haha!) Enjoy the photos, there is plenty more to come!

We were in the Seoul airport getting ready to leave and there was a major group standing by the sign that gave directions to the restrooms, ticketing, etc. They had notepads, didn't blink an eye, and were fixated by the sign and their tour director for nearly 15 minutes. They probably did the "buddy system"...this airport is a big, scary wouldn't want to get lost!

This was the craziest thing!! As we were waiting to board for Bangkok, couples were matching everywhere....I mean EVERYWHWERE!!! We counted nearly 30 matching couples! We must have missed the memo on dressing alike. You can see the couple behind us...if you click on the photo to enlarge it you can even see their matching polka dot masks! Too funny!

Pink n' green plaid...YES!

Flying into Phuket...beautiful!

I asked for a Barbie suitcase for my birthday last year but didn't get it....lucky guy!

The shuttle took about an hour and a half to our hotel; but we didn't care...we were too excited!

View from our bungalow

Tyler couldn't quite get adjusted in sleeping in this was actually his first time in one! haha! This was at 3am. After trying to get him back to bed with no success; we propped up a baby genius video next to him in the chair and went back to sleep...looks like someone else needed to go to sleep too!

Karon Beach right across from the hotel

Getting our fruit smoothies (they call them fruit shakes...made with fresh fruit...soooo good!)

Every hotel has this road dividing it from the beach, it was the main walking area to all the market shopping.

We walked a while to see what was down the street...yes, they drive on the opposite side :)

The hilton behind me

Banana pancakes with nutella....sooooooo good :)

I had a hard time deciding between the Oringe, Watermalon, Poneapple and Gawa shake. I choose the Poneapple :) Front of our bungalow

The pool right outside our room

Tyler's ready to get out for more water!

We were going to stay at the Hilton, but opted not to cause it was super expensive; but since there was no strict policy at the hotels we swam there for a couple hours to check it out.

Tyler's mode of transportation for the week :) Andy put the string around his foot while he swam and took Ty with him everywhere he went! He loved riding along :)

So happy to have some time together :)

But Tyler is not so happy Daddy decided to nap in the middle of his road!

"Could someone tell me where I could possibly find a SCOOTER?"

A cool tree growing in the sand off the beach

The beach entrance across the hotel

The Ford F150 of scooters

The lady who gave me my wonderful foot massage. Massage shops were everywhere. In America you will pay at the least $60 per hour for a full body massage, here you drop the zero and have yourself an hour massage for $6!!! (only 200-300 Baht) you pay roughly $6-$10 for 1 hour of relaxation! We each did this several times without hesitation!!

I've never been parasailing, but always wanted to...I was so excited!

The guy behind me did the craziest thing....we start taking off from the beach running after the boat until it lifted us off the ground. He jumps on my back, climbs onto my shoulders, and then stands on the rope to steer the parachute. We are several hundred feet in the air and I have a crazy man doing somersaults right above me with no life vest and not strapped onto anything!!! I asked him if he was crazy and he said, "I believe I can fly" with a complete straight face! Either he's had a spiritual experience or he really likes quoting the song....("I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky....I think about it every night and day....spread my wings and fly away"...okay, I'm done now).

Do you see him!?! He is literally doing a somersault behind me while holding on the rope.....enlarge it if you can't see. As we pull into the beach to land he flips onto my back while wrapping his legs around my waist and pulls on the ropes of the parachute to land it. That's him leaning back.
$20 bucks for a ride means we both got to go! Now it's Andy's turn :)

I spy a crazy man, do you!?!

Tyler thinking the goggles are a bit crazier :)

The restaurant/entertainment area at our hotel was right outside our room, next to the pool. We put Ty to bed and enjoyed the traditional Thai entertainment while taking turns to check on him. The monitor wasn't working, but it still worked out being only 20ft away that we were able to have some "us" time too :)

Checking in on a sleepy Tyler....more to come soon:)

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