Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wearwolf, Spiderman, and a Monkey!?! Craziness!!

In 3 days we are off to Thailand for a week vacation...YEAHHH! So this will be my last post for a bit; but I will have wonderful Thai photos for you when we return :)
Anywho, last Friday night was a Pub Crawl in Songtan with the squadron. Everyone got dressed up and went out to 4 different pubs on the main strip outside the base gate. I ran into our old babysitter that afternoon and she was able to watch Ty so we quickly rushed to find costumes and borrowed some good ones from our friends. We had such a fun time and spent our fair share of the evening on the dance floor...for those of you who know me...where else would I be, right!?! Anyway, you have to watch the videos at the end...they are hilarious :) And don't forget, if you get this by email, you have to go to our blog to watch them.
If you can't tell...Andy's the Wearwolf and I'm Spidey :) Yes! I did just land on the floor like this after a triple flip off of the ceiling...that's what us Spidey's do!!

Whew...I was nearly attacked after this photo!
This is me with our friend Grant...his wife Summer couldn't be here, but we sent out a special video tribute to her at the end :)

Grant trying to sit down...and not too successful!
Andy cuttin' a rug!
Yep, that's me...during the dance off! Can you tell that I'm doing the "Running Man"? With no shoes; mind you!! That move never gets old; does it!?

Texting from 5inches away is apparently the new trend...and also VERY exciting!
AWWW; Did you know that spider(wo)man and Wearwolf got married 6 years ago? It was in the last issue of "Wolf and Spidey take on New York!" at any comic stand near you! (also sold on Amazon)
That's me casting my web...I pretty much did this all night!
With Chip; my Superhero buddy :)

Andy and our good friend Pat from Laughlin AFB...or shall I say Zoolander?
On Saturday night (Halloween); we were pretty relaxed and Tyler was "overtired" from not getting a nap so we quickly dressed our Monkey up and went to the Youth Center before heading home. (No, Andy was not was pouring out!!)

Watching all the big kids in the bouncy castle

Now it's REALLY time to go home!
I've never seen a calculator with so many moves!!! / What do you get when you cross a Wearwolf, Pee Wee Herman, a Calculator, Giant Pig, and a Superhero? =Michael Jackson!

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