Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Together again!

It's been good to be back together again! Ty didn't recognize Andy at first, but now they are quite chummy :) Andy comes home and Tyler races up to him saying "Dada". Andy's been reading him his bedtime story and putting him to bed at night. Last week we didn't see too much of Andy so Tyler and I just hung out and caught up with the other ladies in the squadron. Although he's in an exercise this week, he goes in at 3am and is home between 3-4pm so we've had some time together in the afternoon/evening. Come Monday we will be headed to Thailand for vacation and can't wait!! Then we'll really get to maximize our quality time together :) This is where Andy gets "geared" up to fly with his G-suit, helmet, etc.

Future pilot? By the look on his face; I don't think so :)
Ahhh yes! My wonderful Kimchi car...how I've missed you!! (if you can't tell; I'm being extremely sarcastic)
This was last week when Andy was at work...to get out of the apartment Tyler and I spent a ton of time at the Base Exchange, playing on the gym at the food court, the gym at the bowling alley...you get the idea :)

This is the bathtub; Korean style!
Ty turned 13 months last week! Here he is cartin' around this semi truck my mom found at a garage sale....it's like another appendage for this kid! Wherever he goes; it goes with him :)

Last Friday night was a Hail/Farewell where they Hail the new people and Farewell the people that are leaving. Andy was 1 out of 14 people to be Farewelled that night. It's tradition that the youngest Lieutenant kiss the wife of the Officer leaving. I don't have a picture of this, but needless to say after he dipped me he only made it on the cheek...other wives prep their lipstick and pucker up for the real deal. It's almost like a competition to see who has the "best kiss"...too funny!

Andy's speech. They have to hold their hand in ice water so they don't talk too long.

Lookey here...back at the BX play gym once again!
Tyler driving the cart at the Base Exchange...I won't say who, but right before this photo one of the two ran into the end shelf of Vicks Humidifiers...hmm...all I will say it wasn't me and the other person who's name starts with a "T"
Poor little guy had a bad rash this last week and we don't know why...possibly the change in produce being over here? I don't know but we've had to dry out his bottom and put some nystatin cream on before bed each night...he just couldn't wait any longer...the hum of the blowdryer was all he needed to fall asleep.

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